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Default Re: The one thing Right Wing Religious Bush Wackos forget.

If you're going to insist on being reasonable we won't let you post anymore.
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Default Let me know how the piranha turns out.

You may be on to some Nouvelle Cuisine taste sensation. I can imagine some of the coastal fish places offering gasoline satueed piranha.
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Default Re: So let's not learn from the fact that...

Just like the CHOICE not to ride in the first place, huh?
I thought I'd found true happiness in my personal bath body bar.... Then I tried DOVE! with 1/4 moisturizing cream!!!
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Default Re: The Highwayman.

I, for one, Faithfully await His return, should He not I would hope that He too met His demise doing that which He lived for, Riding His Beloved Harley-Davidson. It is my hope that other followers will request, NAY!... DEMAND!!! a selection of His Teachings be added with any HD postings, a kinda "Best of" you know.
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Default Re: The Highwayman.

I agree, except that the thing he apparently loved best was pulling his Harley in a trailer with his Navigator.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Re: Indian Larry seriously hurt

Not trying to be a jacka_ _ but I find this confusing. Does someone have access to your login id?

Re: Helmets are law again in Louisiana (Score: 2, Intelligent)

by johnnyb on Wednesday, August 25 @ 09:20:40 PDT

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y know, LR, guys who go around espousing your view are Responsible for who knows how many brain injuries. Impressionable youths might listen to you and decide you're 100% right, and right there decide not to wear a stupid helmet. I am behind your decision not to wear a helmet, but please stop telling people they're no safer with a helmet than without one. Whatever the statistics can be made to say, it's obvious to any halfway sentient being that a helmet makes sense anytime speed and human heads are combined. You are right, we're all gonna die, but I don't want you buying my kid Marlboros and 6-packs just because of it. Same damn thing.
\"Wait, I think I just -- Yea, I just had an idea.\"
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Default Re: It's a Testosterone thing.

At least it's not an old vulva.
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