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Default Re: One more thing.

wash your hands first
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Default Re: Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident

I myself agree that these jerk-offs must go. I see more and more of these idiots out there every day. I think I've stated that I'd like to kick them all in the ass. And this particular flock of idiots was especially irresponsible, nay, criminal, for leaving the scene.

But I'm mostly reacting to the ham-handed way the media treats any kind of motorcycle accident Yes, I know exactly how the media works and anything involving motorcycles/fatalities/injuries is a sexy story. And that is exactly the problem.

The account basically reads that the first SUV driver ran into the second because he was "cut off" by squidly idiot. That probably isn't the whole story. First off, there is no excuse for the first driver swerving into the second driver unless he was physically forced into the other lane by another vehicle. In this case, that is impossible because a 400 lb. sportbike could not push a large SUV anywhere. I understand that the first SUV driver (and anyone else) would have a natural revulsion to potentially running over a nearly protectionless motorcyclist, but swerving blindly into another lane is most certainly not the proper reaction. Probably, scrubbing off 5 or 10mph would have done the trick just fine.

Secondly, I seriously doubt the rider would have "cut off" an SUV. A too-close and too-sudden lane change, yes. I bet the rider was carrying more than enough speed to pass. The squid probably just squeezed his bike into a small spot ahead of the SUV. Dumb and irresponsible? Yes. Cutting someone off? Probably not. Unless he was a kamakazi terrorist squid.

The school of sqiud is responsible for starting the incident, no doubt, and bear much of the blame. But that does not exonerate the first SUV driver for his/her careless actions. Funny how that wasn't mentioned in the article.

In the end, the insurance companies will sort all of this out and start passing out the money. How much do want to bet that the Judy-What's-Her-Name types assess at least half of the blame to SUV driver #1.

Bet that won't make the papers.

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Default Re: He was.

We can own em here. FOID card and a 7 day wait on handguns and 24 hrs on shotguns and rifles. Never know when I might need to chase the Harley guys off. Now Chicago proper doesn't allow any gun stores in the city. Daley is dead set against anyone shooting someone in self-defense. He'd rather have you shot in a robbery and hire more cops to "protect" us.
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Default Re: He was.

Criminals don't like to see their potential victims able to defend themselves. Doesn't matter if the criminal knocks over 7-11s or holds the office of mayor. Same motivation. Same personality type.

"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Re: Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident

Indeed I am. Seems I'm all confused when it comes to PP names. Where's my EZ Leaker!

Seriously, no offense intended Thanks for the clarification pdad and thanks for the service pplasm. -Sean
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Default Agreed (mostly). Ebass, wake up bro, shool's in session

I agree with 99% of the content of your thoughtful posts both above and farther up in the thread. I take issue with just one item and that is assigning blame to the SUV driver absent any further facts.

Ebass -- you might want to pay attention here too pard since physics has got nothing to do with it.

One does not have to initiate physical contact to cause a vehicle to swerve -- so the issue of the respective masses of the bikes vs. the SUV's is almost certainly irrelavant. What is relevant is the primitive "Fight of flight" response of the CNS to out of pattern stimuli.

The manner in which the human preceptory system is wired to the brain and CNS involves two sets of responses, one of which we are consciously aware and one which operates a more primitive level. In many emergency situations the body reacts before the higher functioning centers of the brain are even aware that an emergency exists (deja-vu is caused by a similar phenomenon). In this particular case I think that there is a good chance that a rapidly moving object appeared in the peripheral vision of the young driver of the first SUV and initiated an out of pattern primitive response in the causing the driver to swerve before his active consciousness was even aware of the threat. This is just the way that the human fight or flight response often works.

This works about the same for everyone. Even after many years of racing experience I still have to work very hard not to get startled when I am about to get buzzed on the racetrack and that is when I know it's coming (I have vast experience in this). It is an autonomous response that is deeply ingrained in all of us.

So it is very possible that the driver of the SUV who swerved had the same response that about 90% of the drivers on the road would have had in the same situation. Hence, my contention, that they may well have not done anything wrong.

The bikers, otoh, left the scene of an accident . I have nothing for contempt for them. Not because they do wheelies, wheelies are cool, but because they are not worth the cost of shooting them for running away. I have no consideration for chicken sh*t little weenies.

I'm am not going to try to convince anyone here that I always ride my sportbike the way my mom would have wanted me to. I like wheelies, stoppies, and other antics just as much as anyone else with a bike that will do them with ease. But if I look in my rearview mirrors and see a big cloud of dust I'm not going to worry about whether I had anything to do with it or not -- I'm going to stop and try to help -- especially if I did have something to do with it when I have an even greater moral obligation to render aid. One of the things I respect about fellow MO test pilots Sean and Buzz is the way I have seen both of them react in a similar situation (not of our doing). We spend a lot of time on the 405 one evening last spring helping the CHP sort out a pretty gruesome wreck. There was absolutely no question about stopping even though we'd been pretty aggressivly lane splitting prior to encountering the accident. If you are going to be a man you have to own up to your responsibilities and make sure that you don't write checks that you can't cash. I could give hoot less about squids doing wheelies. It's weenies I find disgusting.


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Default Re: He was.

My guess is "KPaul thinks I'm intelligent" is not going to be Eric's next pick-up line.
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Default Re: Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident

"Woman" is a stretch to call a 16-yr-old girl who is still a permit driver in most states I know of ...
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