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Betamax 08-25-2004 11:54 AM

Re: Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident
I don't condone the motorcyclists behavior, but the headline should read: "Inattentive SUV driver overreacts when passed, causing accident."

And the focus of the story should be how seatbelts save injury and lives.

mscuddy 08-25-2004 12:19 PM

Re: Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident
Right before the lights went out last night, the tube had some show on about professional (?) street-stunters.

While intriguing, it ranked right up there with people biting the heads off of chickens, Marlin Perkins Wild Kingdom, and a circle-jerk.

One guy with his eyes popping out of their sockets summed it up: "Like, man, we're doing stuff like wheelies, stoppies, hanging' out with each other, like family, dude, and if one of us gets hurt, well, like that's the way it is, man."

The next scene was of this dude-man doing a 90 mph stand up wheelie while wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

The decline and fall of western civilization, my friend. Thankfully about that time I dozed off, only to fall into a troubled sleep full of stoppies, wheelies, and Â’51 Studebaker Champions.

zelatore 08-25-2004 12:24 PM

Re: Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident
Exactly! My first thoughts when I read the article were 1: the SUV driver probably was so unaware of his surrounding he didn't know there was anybody else on the road so when something appeared 'out of nowhere' he probably over-reacted and drove himself right off the road when he didn't need to and 2: if the avoidance swerve was indeed required, had he been in a normal vehicle, perhaps a sedan (heck, make it a BMW - have you priced a super-size SUV lately?) he probalby wouldn't have thrown the thing off the road anyway.

But of course, I wasn't there. That's just based on what I've seen myself with the typical over-reacting, tunnel-visioned drives we have here in the bay area.

hoosier919 08-25-2004 12:37 PM

Re: Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident
Just a note on the SUV seat belt law. In the state of Indiana, if an SUV is licensed as a truck then the there isn't a mandatory seat belt law. Other states may and probably are different.

sportbike_pilot 08-25-2004 12:52 PM

Re: Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident
I sure hate to ***** up a rope here and go against the drumbeat but these guys are a bunch of jerks who's actions contributed to injuring several people, wrecking two vehicles -- and they failed to render any aid by leaving the scene of the accident. If I did something like this I would at least stop and try to see if I could save someone's life. If I knew who they were I'd turn them in myself. Whether or not drivers of SUV's are the devil or not is irrelevant in this case since there is no evidence that the drivers here did anything wrong except, perhaps, not to insist that everyone wear their safety belt.

Yeah the lady is a shill and yeah bikers always get a bad rap but in this particular case we ought to, as a commiunity, own up to what was obviously a stupid and irresponsible act. To not do so makes us all look like a bunch of jerks and I think I'll decline.

christian_gates 08-25-2004 01:04 PM

Re: Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident
The key comment in your post is "contributed to" - the problem lies in correctly identifying the root cause, and it's not some clown cruising by traffic doing a 100MPH standup, no doubt without any protective gear. The article was a fluff piece on crazy menaces on sportbikes somehow causing an accident which is a material misrepresentation and further casts general aspersions across the sportbike community seemingly at random (80MPH - please - when the speedlimit in many areas is 75, that extra 5 is outrageous!).

The accident required the malfeasance of not just the somewhat irresponsible motorcyclists, but the dangerously incompetent driver of the first SUV to make not one but a series of idiotically bad decisions. If loud noises and things whizzing by you cause such alarm that you somehow reflexively mauling the controls of your vehicle, then you shouldn't be on the road because you'll end up hurting someone - exactly, in fact, what happened.


Yamahanian 08-25-2004 03:25 PM

Re: What KPaulian Logic!
The proximate cause of the accident, you dork, was the completely irresponsible, illegal and just plain stupid actions of the squid, not the rattled driver of the SUV. Assuming he/she possessed a valid license, the SUV/car driver had every right to drive on a public highway. Included in that right is the right to drive without fear of being buzzed at high speed by a motorcyclist (or for that matter, by another car/truck/SUV.) BTW, speed limits apply to everyone, and they are not elastic - the last time I looked, traffic signs don't include a "Plus 5 or 10 MPH" in fine print. And where I live, the maximum speed limit is 65 - I'd love to know where the speed limit is 75 in Missouri or any other reasonably populated area of the U.S. There are crazy menaces on sport bikes, just as there are crazy menaces driving SUVs and riding cruisers. You apparently are one of them.

torrnado 08-25-2004 03:40 PM

SUV Driver was JUST 16!
i surfed to the local st. louis paper to see if they had more coverage than cnn, and lo and behold:

<blockquote>"The Explorer, driven by a 16-year-old, swerved to the right and struck the left side of a Chevrolet Suburban, causing it to overturn and roll down an embankment, the patrol said."</blockquote>

Cubist 08-25-2004 04:07 PM

Re: Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident
If you want to buy a sport bike, you should have no problem paying out the ass in insurance. If you have a problem with that, thank kids like this. Since these are just kids, they have no CLUE what a "motorcyclist" is. Just accept it, they don't. They're kids, and they're going to live forever, no matter how many horses they're sitting on. They will live forever, and if they're lucky enough to see 30, maybe then, just maybe, they'll finally wake up to the simple pleasure of riding, but by then, they'll be up to their asses in child support, and other assorted debts.

I love to ride. For once in my life, I finally have something I love to do. Think about that. How much of your life consists of stuff you actually feel passionate about?

I hope they find these kids, and make an example of them. As sure as they know and flaunt the overwhelming power of a japanese sportbike, they should have intimate knowledge of the power of law.

kjam68 08-25-2004 04:10 PM

The real deal
Not to defend the author of this obviously biased hatchet job on sport bikes (as I am sure the up-tick in motorcycle deaths is easily attributable to the inexperienced Harley/ cruiser riders) but this makes interesting news. "A wheelie- doing band of miscreants causes an accident" is much more exciting than "an SUV driver swerves to miss a plank and runs someone of the road". If it bleeds it leads. That being said, let's remember the source. I am sure most of the people we know/ work with think motorcycling is dangerous and not responsible. In fact, most everyone has a "my cousins, brothers, uncle got killed" story to relay immediately upon finding out you are a motorcycle nut. The fact is most people want to legislate against that which they fear. And make no mistake, bikes terrify the average person.

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