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Default Re: Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident

Even still... it's not been my experience that female drivers improve with age. They pretty much level off at "suck" and stay there.

I will never ride around a guy driving a mini-van, or a chick driving... well... anything.
911 is for Pussies.
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Default Re: Agreed (mostly). Ebass, wake up bro, school's in session

Of course, SBP is right. People don't anticipate being confronted by a group of bikes flying past and they just wig out, and honestly don'y give much thought to the physics of the situation. We as bikers need to know and accept this and not do stupid ****e like wheeling past a kid in an SUV at 80 MPH or otherwise. Heck, I was just trying to be funny.

Thanks SBP...

...You are a better man than I!

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Default Re: Agreed (mostly). Ebass, wake up bro, school's in session

Aw c'mon dude, smack me. Where is the love

What do I have to do to get you boyz riled anyway? Sacrifice an intern?
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Default Re: You are lucky man.

Damn, kp, sometimes I miss Seattle. Traffic's not as bad as down here in LA, but the best thing is the clean air...unless you're near Tacoma...
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Default Learning how to drive = not rolling a car

There certainly is a ton of missing and assumed facts in this story that want the reader to focus in a certain direction. Notwithstanding that, however ...

As said by many:

Change any of the following and no one gets seriously hurt:

pay attention,

learn how to f'in drive,

don't panic,

wear a seatbelt (morons),

don't drive a poor handling, big gas-sucking behemoth

We all doubt seriously if these bikes really cut anyone off as opposed to just passing an inattentive (and then panicked) driver very fast closely in front of them. An alert driver would know that this would create separation quickly, and thus no problem.

Assuming this was not the case, and the bikes really did cut this truck off, then the proper path is easy. If I was driving this SUV, and if it really came down to only two choices, either smearing the squid or swerving the truck into traffic, then the squid gets smeared. Even squids know this which is why all safe riders and almost all squids will never actually cut anyone off (as opposed to passing someone fast ... there is a big difference), b/c they know they will possibly get creamed.

Anytime you can hit an object that won't F you up (SUV/car v. bike/dog/duck/squirrel), if not hitting the object may F you up (swerve & cause other unknowns), then the rule is, hit the object.

But the plain and simple easily assumable fact is that one SUV driver was a bad driver (inattentive and no skills) and the other one was assumably also bad and additionally stupid (no seatbelts).

The cops & press & insurance shills will always say what they want, but at least some street justice is meted out. The ones who f'ed up the most (Explorer) and the ones who had the last best chance to prevent the serious injuries (Suburban) are the ones who will in fact be made to civilly pay (the Expedition is still at fault) and who are paying already (injuries to those in Surburban).

Lack of preparation and skill does have its costs.
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Default Re: Agreed (mostly). Ebass, wake up bro, school's in session

You know, we're really getting into some etheral stuff here. What is the nature of responsibility? Are we to say that the driver of the first SUV bears no responsibility because he/she was startled? Would a more experienced or attentive driver have reacted the same way? And what is the standard for a reasonable reaction? I don't pretend to know any of this for sure, nor do I pretend to know exactly what happenend during this incident, but I do have my suspicions. And it does seem to me that people deal with these kinds of situations effectively every day. Most of us can't play quarterback in an NFL game, but we do manage to get back and forth to work everyday while encountering many surprising and dangerous situations.

Remove the bikes from the equation and say the driver was trying to avoid a hunk of old tire in the road. This object poses no real risk of injury to the driver or his passngers but, being startled by its sudden appearance, he doesn't identify it as an old hunk of tire and panics, causing the very same accident. I would reason that the very same "fight or flight" mechanism could be triggered. Now who's at fault for the accident? Would we still argue that the driver's reaction was reasonable?

Don't get me wrong, no one is arguing the fact that the riders created this situation by essentially, "putting the hunk of old tire in the road." But do we absolve the driver totally because he/she essentially panicked? I can almost guarantee that the insurance company won't.

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Default Re: Agreed (mostly). Ebass, wake up bro, school's in session

Of course no one should ride like an idiot. If you do, you're just asking for a hurtin'. I hope they catch these fools and make an example out of them.
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Default ***Follow-up news story****

Think CNN will pick this one up?

Let me hit the highlights:

Driver of Explorer was 16:

"Cory Evans loves the wheelie-popping lifestyle of stunt cyclists. He reads the glossy biker magazines and has been searching ads for a racing cycle of his own."

Driver had met the bikers:

"stopped about 7 p.m. at QuikTrip on Route 94 and Kisker Road.

Four gorgeous bikes were there. A Suzuki GSX-R750 in red and another in blue. Light, powerful, agile machines. With them were a lime-green Kawasaki Ninja and a black Honda. "

And then followed them:

"Either by luck or by design, then, Cory stayed with the stunt bikes. "

And oh yeah no one got cut off:

"Witnesses told police that, while the bikers had been performing stunts, they were far enough ahead so that they didn't cut anyone off. "


"But, for some reason, when the bikes cut into the center lane, Cory cut over to the right lane and T-boned the Suburban. "

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