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Default The next time you fly

You'd better hope KP helped engineer nothing more than the ****tail napkins.
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Default Re: Girl and Ducati Monster Ride Coast to Coast in Under 50 Hours!

Well done on/in any road vehicle on any U.S. road/highway, truly awesome considering her choice of mount. Makes me think...
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Default Re: Econ for Dummies in simple terms, Why Clintonomis was disguised Reaganomics

Thanks for your service to our country. Some people will never understand that the best defense is a good offence. It is difficult to get KPaul to stay on point and answer questions. While I went line by line in my rebuttal to his semi-salient points. He just restated his previous false accusations. It's a bit like arguing with a woman. How does electing the biggest liberal in the Senate positively effect the fiscal policy of our nation? Clinton triangulated his position and knew that the party had to be more moderate after the healthcare fiasco. Kerry has no moral core like Clinton, but he has never met a tax increase he didn't like. He needs to stick with what he knows, bedding wealthy socialites.
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Default Ducati service intervals

Anyone know what the recommended valve adjustment and timing belt replacement intervals are for the new ST3?

I like Ducatis, always have, but I ride too many miles and am too cheap, to put up with the high maintnenance costs.

I'm looking for a lighter, more nimble sport tourer to complement my old ST1100 but the ST4s is too expensive to maintain, the Futura is on the way out of production, and the current Sprint ST is just too old and bland. The ST3 might fit the bill if they get the service costs under control. I don't want to go the FJR1300 route, but may not have any choice.
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