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Default Re: Bike Security

Grab a copy of a brittish bike rag. Take a quick scan over the ads. Bike theft is so rampant there they have some REALLY interesting way to tie down a bike.
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Default Re: Bike Security

Well I too live in a City... Tocangelos, well ok Tacoma, WA. I'll tell you what I've done and so far So good for my 04 R1.

#1 get the Fahgettaboudit. It a damn tough chain and it holds against the weather great.

#2 Get the Scropio Alarm. I think thats what it is called.


Took me about 30 minutes to install and works like a dream. (Though I wish it was a bit easier on the Batteries for the remote every 3 months or so need to be replaced.

#3 Get a Steel pole. Well hopefully there is one you can use to hook the bike to. Else you'll need to grab a Hammer-Drill and Put in a Solid ring to connect to. These can be purchased I think directly from Krypton, The stronghold/Super Stonghold is an example.

Anyway, the benefit of all this is the Fahgettaboudit has a $1000 warranty if its cut or hacked to sack a bike, so thats quite nice.

Then with the Scorpio installed you can get notified a few blocks away if something is up with your Bike, nice for an apartment, or maybe a dorm environment.


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Default Re: Bike Security

Out here in Utah we carry supplemental insurance by Smith and Wesson. It's the ".357" anti-theft device. Works like a charm. Additionally, in Texas it is legal to shoot anyone who is stealing your property. You could move there. It's safe since the Bushes are in DC.

Seriously, my cousin - who was a professional thief and drug dealer- told me that in stealing vehicles thieves can overcome almost any one device. But if they run into several anti-theft devices they go elsewhere to look for easier pickings. If you use a couple of kryptonite locks, ensuring you lock the bike to a strong metal object and use a pager type alarm that blows a horn as well you will probably discourage most any thief. If the bike is not tied down they simply pick it up, put it in a truck and drive away. It may seem silly to carry all that crap, but not as silly having the bike ripped off.

I'd love to hook up a spare igntion coil and rig it to shock anyone who touches my bike. Or maybe a tear gas canister tied to a motion sensor. Or VX gas. Too bad that sort of thing is against the law.
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Default Re: Bike Security

The few test of bike locks that I've read basically come to this conclusion:

"If they want your bike, it will be gone"

The chains are the worst, the caliper locks are better, and if you can secure it to a concrete telephone pole, with a pit bull chained to you ride, thats the best.

All of the locks and chains can be cut by an carbibe cutting wheel, and if the bike is not tied down to something solid (a building), afew burley guys can just pick it up and toss it into a van or truck.

The main purpose of locks is deterant. See this lock, it easier to steel the bike down the street.

Hope some MOron has some more hopefull advice. Personally, I have too many freinds that had bikes stollen (protected by all types of different methods). My 95lbs mutt seams to be the best deterant so far, but that only works at home.
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Default Re: Bike Security

A better deterrent would be to "customize" your bike to look like a Ducati Indiana, or perhaps a Ural. Hey what self respecting thief would be seen on one of those? VWW
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Default Re: Bike Security

Park your bike in the doorway of your apartment. Everyday you can then walk around it, smile at it, and stare at it thinking, "I wonder what modification I can do next...." This really only works if you are on the ground level, or if you are brave enough to put it into an elevator everyday and lift it up to your apartment. And if you are going to Pitt or Carnegie Mellon in Oakland, I'd be concerned about security too!!
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Default Re: Bike Security

When my bro-in-law lived in a ground floor apartment in a high-theft area, he parked his bike over a piece of cardboard in his living room. We called it his "Kouchasaki".
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Default Re: Bike Security

1. The conventional wisdom is to use two security devices, e.g., a disc lock and a chain. Each requires a specific tool to take off, and thieves apparently rarely carry multiple tools.

2. Try to place the face of the lock in an inconvenient place, where it's hard to smash with a hammer or drill out.

3. I'm also in Pittsburgh. My KLR got stolen out of my back yard. I was lazy and hadn't locked it that night. Cops said that if I use only the ignition lock, any 15 year old with a screwdriver can ride off with the bike. Lesson: *any* security device is vastly better than just the ignition lock.

4. I now garage my bikes for $50/month. Many garages seem to be available at that price, at least in Shadyside.

5. Bike covers do wonders for deterring prying fingers.

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Default Re: Bike Security

Anyone try those Sreaming Zena disk locks. They have a motion sensor and go off if someone moves your bike. They also make a chain that works the same way.

I wouldn't worry about carbide cut-off wheels, they make enough noise and sparks to bring the whole neighborhood outside.

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