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Default Re: What to buy?

These bikes are all pretty good. If I were you I would choose the best dealer and get the bike he sells. Proper set up, service, and support is the most important thing in keeping a high performance bike.
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Default Re: Dear Bike designers.

you might want to go with an elevated custom seat that raises your arse. the net effect is more legroom. combine that with the bar risers and you get a pretty comfy ride.
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Default Re: What to buy?

Pardon me for chiming in but I thought I'd throw in my two-cents worth. My first bike was a Honda Nighthawk 750 which felt more like a cruiser to me, but I am short so my knees didn't have to bend much. For my second bike, I wanted more power (who doesn't but also wanted to retain the comfort of a standard motorcycle. After sitting on literally dozens and bikes and reading dozens of articles, I decided to buy an '03 SV1000. It's almost as comforable as my former Nighthawk (once I get a Corbin seat for it, I'm positive it will be) and WAY more powerful. Also, surprisingly to me, it also gets much better gas mileage. I know you hear everybody recommending the bike they are riding as the best ride ever, but I have to say I'd recommend the SV1000 without reservation. Happy bike hunting!
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Default Re: What to buy?

I recently had the same issue, so I went and rode each of those bikes (except the 750, I was primarily interested in a 600.)

My feedback is: All the bikes are great, you really can't go wrong, but between me and my friends who have also ridden them, we each definitely have a favorite, and their not the same bike... so go and ride 'em!

My thoughts though:

CBR 600 RR - sweet bike, felt too small for me (I'm 6'2"), FI was a little too grabby.

Kawy 636 - sick motor. Great brakes. Sharp fuel tank was the killer, as was the uncomfy seat that runs you into the fuel tank.

R6 - my second choice. Very nice bike, a little quicker side to side than the Gixxer, just didn't fit me quite as well.

04 gixxer 600. My favorite... so I bought it, and I love it. Sweet motor, great handling, awesome brakes, and pretty comfy.

that's my 5c anyways.

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Default Re: I SAY:

Well Said.
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