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Default Re: Speed 4

That's my vote too, All those bikes you mention are good, and you couldn't go wrong with any of them. You also will be riding the same bike everyone else has, the only way you could pick yours out of the crowd is if you plastered Fox Racing stickers all over it

If you got a black Speed Four you get adjustable suspension, as good or better street performance and a competitive price.

Plus you'll stand out from the me-too race rep herd, And you'd get to wear cool Triumph swag like the dandy Triumph fleece jacket I'm wearing as we speak!
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Default Or the daytona 600

If you absolutely must be covered in plastic, you have the Daytona 600: Old CBR/YZF600R seating position, a great chassis reputation, and it looks cool.

Get it in yellow and have someone paint the valmoto union jack logo on the front... Trez cool.

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Default Re: What to buy?

Unless you simply must have the latest and plan to keep it several years I'd advise against buying any '04 models. The depreciation on sportbikes is atrocious. For example there's an '03 CBR954 sitting at Salt Lake Honda with low miles for $6499... and that's a dealer price!

Look for a good condition used bike. There are plenty of them, ridden only by sandal-clad, T-shirt wearing kids who don't really wring them out much, but just use them to cruise the boulevards. There's a Ninja available in Seattle that's never been revved past 9000 rpm and has little wear on the tires (none on the sides of the tires) for example.

For a new one, though, the Speed4 looks like the best deal, mainly because of price. The differences in performance between these bikes are mostly perception rather than reality.

Personally I have a soft spot for the GSXR750 as well, but that's mainly nostalgia for an era when the 750s were Lord and Master of All They Surveyed. It's still one heck of a superbike. More than any of us can use on the

public roads. If we want to survive, that is.
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Default Re: What to buy?

It seems to me that calling the gixxer 750 an oddball has to be limited to the context. I think 750s make fantastic streetbikes. It is also my opinion since you asked that a 600 for every day riding is a bit tiring altho the bikes have plenty of power. They just make the power in a slightly frenzied fashion. I have owned or ridden everything you list, both on the street and the track.

No sportbike is ideal for cruising town for long stretches. Likewise, once up to speed, say over 50 mph, I find they are more than adequate for 300-400 mile days, just not much more than that. You don't say what you need or want it to do.

I personally think r6's suck on the street because they are twitchy and buzzy. They require a lot of attention. For some reason I don't have the same feeling about the gixxer or the kawi.

I would pick the kawi out of this bunch because, in my opinion, it has the best midrange of the "600s" given the extra displacement. And that extra punch is noticeable on the street. I found the Kawi to be less comfortable than the gixxer tho.

All of this may depend, I think on your size. Little people, like my wife, prefer the r6 even tho its a demanding little bugger.

i like bigger and heavier street bikes. i don't know exactly why. so my favorite sport bikes are the zx7r and rc51. i have yet to podium or win any contingency money for anything i did on the street.

so out of the group, the clear overall winner in my view is the gixxer. you get more street cred, better performance and more fun. of the 600s, the kawi is the best choice for the street,
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Default Re: What to buy?

the gixxer's got more hp and torque than any of the 600's. If you want a sportier sport bike than your F4, it's a good choice.
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Default Good advice

Seruzawa good advice on what bike to buy, canÂ’t believe that anybody would call you a dwarf.

If a prospective buyer doesnÂ’t want to buy new then there are great deals to be had on used Sport bikes. Roughly 40% of Super sport buyers first bike is a Super sport, consequently when these first time buys donÂ’t learn how to ride these bikes, or worse crash, they sell them for a considerable loss a year later.

Inline 4 600 super sports are great bikes but not a great learner bike.

ZRX 1200 - Mods make it 130 HP and 85 torque at the rear wheel.
trackday junkie.
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Default Re: What to buy?

R-6. It's the most comfortable of all of the bikes listed, makes comparable power with all of them (except the 750, which may kill you on insurance compared to the 600's, depending on the company), handles the best, and looks the best too (IMO).

Don't waste your time with a 750. If you really want more power than a 600, spend the extra $1000 and get a liter bike. It'll cost nearly the same to insure, you won't outgrow it as fast, and you'll have an easier time selling it when you move on to something else.
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Default You lack taste buds

A whopper is superior to a big mac.

A quarter-pounder with cheese is better than a big mac, but it may be a toss-up with the whopper. But if the whopper has cheese, then the edge goes to the whopper.

But, the double bacon cheeseburger is the king of them all.

Think of it this way, the Big Mac is like the Kawasaki ZZR600. The Whopper is like a 2001 ZX-6R, the qp/cheese is like a 2001 CBR F4i, and the Double bacon cheeseburger is like a 2002 GSX-R 750.

The bacon makes it happen.

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Default Re: What to buy?

Peter Egan has given this great advice over and over for at least the last 10 yrs: buy used and at least one generation behind what is current.

Listen to VLAD. He gave good advice....
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Default Re: What to buy?

Buy a new KLR650 or Concours. They are both several generations behind and will be new to boot
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