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Default Re: you should write a book

I didn't say drinking was bad, I said drinking and driving is. I drink myself and I don't care if you do, I do care if someone drinks and drives because that person endangers everyone else on the road. I agree inattentiveness and inexperiance are a risk, so is driving too fast for conditions and bald tires, however they're not the issue here, drinking and driving is.

If Gobert or Burns anyone else had a small amount of alchohol in his system he wouldn't have gotten a DUI, so I'm not sure where that line of reasoning ends up. It takes more than a few beers or drinks to blow a .08 so clearly we're not talking about " a small amount of alchohol".

Murder? kicking puppies?, Come on now, we're talking about drinking and driving and reasonable level's of alchohol. I would say one or two beers or drinks would not put the vast majority of people male or female over the .08 threshhold or impair their driving.

As to calling John a drunk I'm only going on reports and comments made over the last 6 or 7 years recounting his behavior at press functions and argumentative and combative behavior during the drinking and riding feature done a few years ago, those signs all point to a problem controling himself while he's drinking. You can call it whatever you like.

Whether or not Erion Honda was justified in canning Gobert, as his employer they have the right to expect certain standards of behavior from an employee. if they feel he violated those standards they have every right to let him go.

No other strong opinions really, I just have "0" tolerance for drunks in general and drunk drivers in particular. Is that enough ***** guidance for you?
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Default as for me...

i am just a little scared by the typical rush to judgment. The law says AG is accused but in the court of public opininion he is already convicted it seems. No big whoop for him or Honda, who only hired him to try to salvage a few podium appearances for their uncompetitive CBR1000RR anyway. I fear AG's window of opportunity closed a few years ago. And during the time when he was good, he was very good. It was never AG's inability to cope with his lifestyle, it was always the inability of people around him to let him choose his own after-work activities. Hey, how about when Travis pastrana almost killed his buddy in the Corvette last year? I guess that was ok since he hadn't been drinking. Or when Corser (?) rolled the rental car at Brainerd (was it?).

History is littered with guys who have been labelled alcoholic and managed to function pretty well in spite of themselves. Churchill, US Grant, Terry Allen, FS Fitzgerald, Hemingway, I'm out of time. Prolly shoulda *****-canned all of them at the earliest opportunity. Clearly irresponsible...
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Default Re: Anthony ''Go-Show'' Gobert

1. Uptown. Close to bars (yes, i drink on occasion, but don't drink and drive/ride).

2. Never listen to MPR (aka, all things liberal).

3. Commute on cannondale bicycle or one of my 8 motorcycles. I ride all winter long. Did you?

4. Green party? Wrong. They want to eliminate my ability to ride my dirtbikes on public land. No good.

5. Herbal tea? Yeccchhhh.

6. This isn't regulation. It is about public safety. I don't want impaired drivers putting me at risk.

Your stereotypical point of view was wrong. You need to grow up.
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Default Well...

all I have to say to that is that in the morning I shall be sober, and you people will still be a bunch of ugly uptight Republicans. *HIC!*
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Default Re: Anthony ''Go-Show'' Gobert

There are a couple of ways to look at this:

A good company would stand behind its employee and try to help AG with his problem. Many companies have drug or AA like programs, many sports teams also try to help misguided players. So where is Honda's loyalty? They could have even put a feel good spin on the whole thing.

On the otherhand, Honda hired him as a "representative" of their orginization. His contract may have even had a clause that he must stay out of trouble, who knows. So maybe they are totally justified.

But he should only be suspended at most until he has his date in court (innocent until proven guilty and all that jazz). What if the cops were wrong, what if the machine was wrong, who knows. That is what is unjust here! I do not think there is any profession that would fire someone for just the charge, I think the conviction is key.
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Default Re: Well...

Much better to be called a drunk than a Republican, or a Democrat. If you freely admit to being either of those your mind is already too f*cked up to be drinking any way. VWW
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