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Default Re: Anthony ''Go-Show'' Gobert

Well, i think Johnny's problem is beyond the 0.08.

Where do you draw the line? There is not a simple answer.

Do we have an alcohol component in the driver's test to see at what BAC level a driver is certified to be safe? Would you be willing to pay for a test which allows you to drive at 0.1 instead of 0.08 if you can demonstrate competence? It might be an alternative.

If you ever get a chance to drive in good driving simulator while drinking, do it. It isn't the last word on fidelity, but you will be able to compare your performance against a baseline. You might be shocked at the difference 0.05 makes.

I am going to stop now. If you're comfortable riding around with 1 in 20 drivers blowing 0.1 or higher, that's great. I'd be much happier with lower limits to protect my family (all who ride), myself, and everyone who's contributed to the arguments.

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Default Re: What Motorcycling Racing needs is a racing team like the old Oakland Raiders

I think my job would be in jeopardy and most likely I would get the boot if found guilty. I'm a piolt and I think if he can't contol his actions off the track why should you think he would do it on the track. I don't think Erion Honda wants to be associated with this type of problem. I know I wouldn't want to have my company associated with him. I think he has had enough chances. Erion took a chance on him and He let them down.

Later Shaun
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Default Re: Anthony ''Go-Show'' Gobert

if you're comfortable riding around with 1 in 20 drivers blowing 0.1 or higher, that's great

Nobody said that. You're doing a hell of a job settting strawmen on fire in this thread.
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Default Re: By the way Aussies think the AMA is .....

Not to mention Polen, Russell, Merkel, Kocinski, Spencer, Schwantz and Lawson.
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Default Re: Anthony ''Go-Show'' Gobert

What a waste. If I had that chance, with my past record staring me in the face, I would stay as clean as possible to make sure that I can get my career back on track!

I admire Gobert for his racing talents and his down to earth attitude, but it is a shame to see him throw it all away, regardless of the location, the partying scene, the police or whatever Burns says. The fact of the matter is that he chose to make a decision that went against everything that makes sense.

If he is found guilty when he goes to court, he can kiss coming to the USA goodbye, he will be deported!
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Default Re: Anthony ''Go-Show'' Gobert


1. Traffic / crash reporting varies state by state. I agree that the definition of "alcohol related" can vary significantly. Good point.]]

If you see"alcohol related" at all then your alarm bells should go off. The only stats I would pay attention to is "alcohol caused" or something similar.

[[2. Minnesota is regarded as having probably the best crash reporting / recording systems in the US. Using the Minnesota definition of "alcohol related" (not necessarily the driver above 0.08 BAC, but a measurable BAC of someone in a vehicle involved in a crash) the figure is between 30% (1997) and 37% (199 (Minnesota Crash Facts). ]]

If that's "probably the best," as you say, then that's pretty sad. You do realize that "someone in the vehicle" can mean anyone. If a passenger not driving has a measurable BAC (no matter if the driver(s) were completely sober,) they would be included in the "alcohol-related" statistic, based on the definition you gave me. It also likely doesn't distinguish if the person was at fault or even in the vehicle of the driver that was at fault. These are the very types of statistics I warn people about.

[[It is a substantial number.]]

It is, but not very accurate.

[[One of the problems with young drivers (18-21) is that they can't handle the alcohol. They are way over-represented in the crash numbers, and alcohol plays a big role. If you're on the road with them, you're a target. The problem is compounded (even with a sober driver) when the driver begins to listen to the drunk passenger, and starts to show off. Pretty soon they're over their head, and someone is dead.]]

Accidents are higher in general with younger drivers, sober or not. Also, irresponsible drinking is usually higher among younger people. Do you have any studies showing a higher incidence of fatal accidents CAUSED by alcohol in younger people vs. older people with the SAME BAC?

[[I've done work with attorneys and law professors who deal with DUI. I work with HumanFactors people who do alcohol studies in driving simulators. We can argue about numbers, but alcohol use and motor vehicles is a serious problem. You should see the effects of alcohol first hand with newbies in a simulator. It is frightening. I don't want them on the road. My guess is that you don't, either.]]

I never argued that drunk-driving isn't a problem. The problem is now there are many groups of people looking to capitalize off of it. Did you read the link I gave you at all? We can argue number? We HAVE to argue numbers because they're what's being used to set policy!

My personal stance is that I'm anti-junk science. Give the people accurate stats so they can make well-informed decisions on the matter. Is that too much to ask???

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Default Re: Anthony ''Go-Show'' Gobert

Thank you for the excellent link Mashuri. It serves as the perfect paradigm of why fact should prevail over hysteria when "our" government officials seek to protect us from the terror du jour. VWW
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Default Re: you should write a book

Your reaction is so blindingly typical of an alcoholic.

You lost a job because you showed up drunk. Then you blame it on your bosses being Honda ass-kissers,

You point out all the other causes of traffic accidents then blame the government for not doing anything except ***** with drunks

Then you blow your argument all out of proportion and show your true feelings by talking about lynch mobs and crucifiying Jesus

Drunks drivers kill people, if it was up to me I'd drop the limit to .05 for a first offence, and throw your ass in jail for a few years for a second.

Cry me a ***** river.
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Default Re: What if

No Way. "he's just a poor drunk with a problem and we're going to hold his hand till it's all better"

Don't make me puke. Drunk drivers kill people. How many times has Gobert screwed up? He can go cry in his beer in Australia and talk about how great he is like all the rest of the drunks.
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Default Re: Anthony ''Go-Show'' Gobert

DUI's are mostly crap. B.A.L. is a very unreliable means of measuring one's impairment. There are two factors in determining impairment; amount consumed, and tolerence. Blood Alch. Level ignores the second part of the equation.

My wife has seen men walk into the hospital, showing no signs what-so-ever, then according to their b.a.l. they should be dead.

What cops and judges will tell you is clinically impossible, doctors see everyday.

Good thing cops and judges don't work the clinics huh?

I guess I better state this now before the howling starts. I've never had a DUI, and i'm not defending driving while impaired.

I'm also not calling anyone names.

911 is for Pussies.
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