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Default Re: Janklow on-duty?

i'm just curious. i check in with these forums on a fairly rare occasion. on just about every subject, this kpaul guy is in some type of flame war with other forum members. does this guy have any kind of life whatsoever?
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Default Don't forget Tennesee

While you boycott South Dakota, don't forget that in Tennesee a state senator killed a biker in a hit and run and they named a highway after him. I quit the Honda Riders Club after they had the Honda Hoot there.

Come to Laconia !

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Default Re: Don't forget Tennesee

This crap happens everywhere if you look deep enough. Boycott everything. Stay the hell home. Have no fun at all.
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Default Re: OK I'll do it. I'll bring it up again

I know a hospital admin. doctor and he was telling me that in places like Germany where health care is largely paid for by everyone for everyone, often people that are old or certain to die are just not given treatments. "Why bother?" is what they think I guess. Maybe they are right, maybe not. However, I would bet that with enough situations where needs are ignored, the costs of free health care could be lower than what we have now!
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Default Re: Ditto that.

Agree. It seems a little too humane for this Maggot but we need to try to show the same concern and compassion for him that he's shown for the Scott Family. We would need to show the same remorse for his fate as he's shown for Randy's. I'm on duty and presumably being paid while driving home from work, what a job! American Justice, what a joke.
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