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Default Re: janklow 'on-duty' ?

The article says that Scott's family is trying to keep it in state court because they could collect punitive damages, so I believe you are correct.

Nice to be told you can't collect for the pain & suffering, and that you, your friends and neighbors, and all taxpayers will be paying for any settlement you receive.
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Default POS Jacknoff...and My Tax Dollars Well Spent

Since I am a Taxpayer and have paid some pretty hefty taxes to this point in my life, I have no issue with the Scott family receiving compensation from the Feds. And I get the pleasure of seeing that POS Jacknoff squirm some more.

Yes, Jacknoff has shown in textbook fashion just how above the law the few and the privileged have become in this country. Sad. He is the putrid, pudgy, poster boy of stupidity, arrogance, good ol' boy slap-on-the-back, screw everyone else at their cost kinda guy and the perfect example of what is wrong with this country.
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Default Re: janklow 'on-duty' ?

What a scumbag. What a POS. It just makes me want to vomit. F South Dakota, F Janklow, F the system.
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Default Re: janklow 'on-duty' ?

In the U.S. military, when a service member is guilty of some sort of offense there is a determination made as to whether they were in the line of duty. You might think that 'in the line of duty' would mean that they were in the process of carrying out one of their responsibilities associated with their job. That is not the case. Being in the line of duty in the military is pretty much a 24-7 condition that everyone is in. However, one can be found not in the line of duty when their actions were beyond those considered to be within reason.

For instance, I have heard of one Marine that was denied benefits because he was killed in an accident where he struck a car while he was going about 140 mph on his motorcycle. In that case, he was not in the line of duty, due to his own misconduct. If the roles were reversed and he was going to the grocery store to get milk on a Sunday, and a car driver hit him, then he would be in the line of duty.

I'm not sure how similar rules might apply to other government workers, but it seems clear to me that Janklow was not in the line of duty due to his reckless driving.

Personally, I would like him to pay out of pocket to the Scott family for what he has done. The American taxpayer should not be responsible for his actions. Also, I'd like to see him die a painful death. Thank you.
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Default Ditto that.

Kill 'em, raise him from the dead, then kill him a couple more times just for good measure.

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Default COMMIE!

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Default Re: janklow 'on-duty' ?

I see a free Dyno Testing Session in your future, if you do indeed buy that Brutale -Sean
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Default Luke...

(heavy slow breathing) go on. Search your feelings. You know them to be true. Give in to the dark side. Buy the Brutale. Take it on the Alaska trip so we can all test it out.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Re: OK I'll do it. I'll bring it up again

Uh, Kpaul, a US Attorney is not elected or appointed by the people of the state in which he serves. A US Attorney is hired by the Justice Department. You can actually go to the DOJ website to see job vacancies in US Attorney offices around the country. So, using your logic, we should boycott the United States as they hired the US Attorney who thinks the case should be moved to federal court. In fact, the US Attorney in this case, Tom Heffelfinger, is actually the head of the MN USAO. I am not sure why he has jurisdiction in this case -- my knowledge does not extend that far. But at least I bothered to check the information before commenting blindly.
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