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Default Re: You think you're cranky? Comparo?

I'll get to see 80 sometime in May. Enjoy it for the rest of of us. For now, I'll just look at the snow and think warm thoughts.
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Default Re: 4 Bikers wiped out around Daytona

At least in my opinion, the issue is no more complicated than this on the value of wearing and argument for wearing full-face helmets.</p>

1. I don't care what comparison/example/real life experience you can quote, the bottom line is driving a motorcycle is significantly more dangerous than driving a car or an SUV.</p>

2. Considering the grand scope of motorcycle accidents and our inability to control which kind we will have, no reasonable argument can be made negating you are exponentially better protected and have a substantially better chance of exiting a crash with less harmful injuries- or surviving as opposed to dying- if you are wearing a full-face helmet (add more –tially’s if you are wearing crash worthy motorcycling jackets, pant’s, boots, and gloves).</p>

All the arguments stating not wearing a helmet is safer like "I can see better", "I can hear better", "I feel less safe so I drive safer", "IÂ’m so pretty car drivers notice me", etc. are straight-up bee ess. You are safer and you know you are safer for wearing one so donÂ’t argue otherwise. If you donÂ’t wear a helmet because itÂ’s hot, uncomfortable, requires you to turn your head slightly for extended peripheral vision, decreases hearing, etc. then just say that but donÂ’t try to argue youÂ’re safer because of it.</p>
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Default Re: 4 Bikers wiped out around Daytona

Atlanta drivers suck @$$. Five bucks says it was an SUV that pulled into the HOV lane....
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Default Re: Brain bucket

I've crashed on the highway at 70mph before when a car ran me into the center stone dividing wall. I then proceeded to fly off of the bike, hitting my head on the stone barrier, and rolling for ~200ft. I ended up with only a few fractured ribs because I was in full gear. Had I not been wearing a helmet, I have no dought I would have been dead, considering it cracked in half. So screw squids with more power than sense!
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Default Re: OK, let's stir up a helmet law debate...

That is some of the most perfectly constructed reasoning I've ever happend upon.

I write for a living and I don't think I could put it anymore beautifully than that. So, I won't try.

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