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KPaulCook 11-20-2003 02:15 PM

Are budget deficits bad?
"Are deficits bad?

Persistently large deficits can be bad for the economy since they can lead to higher long-term interest rates and can depress national savings. In addition, large debt amounts can lead the economy down an unsustainable path. Each of these effects could harm the economy. Furthermore, deficits simply push off the burden to future generations. This is particularly troubling with the coming retirement of the baby boomer generation.

However, deficits do allow the government to finance vital national priorities, and can buffer the effects of economic fluctuations. The current level of deficits will hopefully prove to be, in OMB director BoltenÂ’s words, "manageable." However, the persistence and the magnitude of the deficits, especially considering current and future needs that are going unmet, as well as the unprecedented dive from surplus to deficits, are a sign that the current administration is not acting in a responsible manner on tax and budget issues" see attached article for more.

Bush is evil

wrecks 11-22-2003 12:46 PM

Re: Minimum Number of Bikes

lots of suspension, very agile

I took one for a rip on a potholed gravel road and it didn't even phase it. Plus, lots of fun on the pavement too.

Like some others have said here though; any bike can do some light off-road duty as long as you're not afraid to beat it up a bit. My father and I rode a v65 sabre and ft500 ascot up a mountain "road" that's used for downhill mountain bike racing. The mountain bikers there thought we were nuts. They were right.

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