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Default Re: Best Time to Buy?

I'm agreeable today. I agree with those who say that if it's a sport bike, buy new. There are way too many squids on 'em (then again I like high revving 600s).

I'm also with those who say if you can buy local do it. When I bought my 600F4, I was introduced to the shop's service writer. A few months later, when my fork seal sprung a leak, I requested coverage under warranty and Hinda apparently turned me down (according to the shop). Two days later I got a call from the service writer who said he'd stayed on Honda and I was covered after all. He may have been feeding me a line but I think probably my spending my money at the store got me a little extra effort from the shop. It sure can't hurt. So, all things being close to equal, try local.
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Default Re: Best Time to Buy?

If the new Buell had needed a new alternator right out of the shute he'd have been posting negative comments and links all over the place.
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