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Default Re: Abandoning 4 wheels in L.A.?

Blackwelder, unless you are a silly bich you will buy a Boss Hoss. The Hoss is the best beginner bike as you will never out grow it. Just ask my brother who saw a picture on the Internet and said it looks real big. Just two years ago I sat on the 502ci version at a cycle show and knew that it was the bike for me. I would probably buy a 350ci for my wife if I ever got married since they are smaller and as they say, strong enough for a man but made for a woman.

If you have any questions about how good the Boss is, just call up any truk dealer that sells GM. They will tell you that once GM found out how good the V8 in the Hoss is that they started putting them into their truks so you know they are good. Plus if they ever break down then you can go to the Chevy garage for parts.

Anyway, I gotta get going since my brother's gonna help me put my bike up on the stand. Gonna take my wheelie bar off so I can get it re-chromed.

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Default Re: Abandoning 4 wheels in L.A.?

Whoa young feller! Taking up motorcycling is the most fun thing you can do - well you know what I mean. However, before you go off on a round-the-world trip it might be best to test the waters first. LA traffic is mercilous and it takes a few years to get comfortable dodging those tin cans. Every driver out there is an idiot once in a while and some are idiots all the time. You can't teach them how to drive and the gov'ment won't, so you needs all the skill and experience you can muster.

But, don't let me spoil your dream. A lot of us commute to work and have been do so successfully for years. Go for it! Take that MSF class and practice, practice, practice. By the way, freeways are often the safest place to ride - just boring.
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Default Re: Abandoning 4 wheels in L.A.?

Start out by getting a Boss Hoss 3 wheeler with sidecar pulling a trailer.
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Default I had two wheels in LA

I sold my car and had only a motorcycle for six months in LA in the mid-eighties.

A couple thoughts--

-A motorcycle is the ultimate way to get around LA unless you are coming home from Costco. No lines, no waiting. LA is so big and so pedestrian-unfriendly that you have to have motorized transportation, but cars can get gridlocked and bikes can't.

-Scooters: Not enough power. People drive fast in LA and you need to be able to keep up with and in many cases significantly outaccelerate traffic.

-Girlfriends: Truly the sand in the vaseline, so to speak. It might be fun to date a motorcyclist, in a naughty, won't mom be shocked when I tell her this kind of way, but it's gonna take true love to take her out on the bike on a 40 degree rainy day. But hey, she'll have a car, right?

-I never regretted not having a car, and even now think back on that time of my life as fun and carefree.

-Be careful out there. Take the MSF Advanced Ridercourse, too.

-I hope you live close to the Angeles Crest Highway or the canyons north of Malibu. Lots of fun roads in Southern Cal.

-Buy less bike and more gear, if you have to make a choice. Get an Aerostich suit (I personally recommend the one-piece). Get a cool weather leather jacket. Get a warm-weather flow-through jacket (I like the Tourmaster Cortech--it's about $150). Get one pair of short warm weather gloves (deerskin from Aerostich are cheap, maybe $35, and they offer a full range of sizes). I know from sad personal experience that it's better to buy a used CBR600 and a good set of gear than a new SV650.

Good Luck!
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Default Re: Abandoning 4 wheels in L.A.?

i want to second the guy who recommended spending money on gear. It's the best investment you'll make in both safety and riding pleasure. It changes commuting on a bike from and endurance contest to a pleasure. The SV650 is an excellent choice for a first bike, as are the Moto Guzzi Breva and the Ducati Monster 620i.e. But the Suzuki beats the hell out of both of them on purchase price and is cheaper to maintain. Another option is Suzuki's "other" 650, the Burgman Super Scooter. It is more practical than any pure motorcycle, but more expensive than the other three options. On the plus side, it has built in hard luggage. The only drawback is that it is not as "studly" as a motorcycle. It does have plenty of power.

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Default Re: Abandoning 4 wheels in L.A.?

While motorcycling is a great hobby, I would hardly say it is a good way to save money. They may have better fuel economy, but they are incredibly impractical. You can only bring one friend along, shopping is limited, tire use is greater, maintenance interval's typically shorter. All this doesn't even take into acount that the vast majority of motorcyclists are drawn to finding ways to improve their pride and joy.

In my opinion, motorcycling is about the best hobby/lifestyle one can have. It is just not something most of us do (or at least suceed) to save money!
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Default Re: Abandoning 4 wheels in L.A.?

Don't listen to them other guys. Get a Concours like I did and be done with it.
Pretending to be purple on the inside.
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Default Re: Abandoning 4 wheels in L.A.?

I lived and rode daily in Tokyo for 5 years with a ZZR400 400 cc version of a ZX 6E Kawasaki. (now ZZR600) It was an excellent daily runner. It was comfortable, maneuverable, stable in the rain (lots of rain there) and it was easy to maintain with excellent reliability. It could easily outrun the cars as well, in city streets.

One of the most popular rides over there was a 250 cc Yamaha scooter. I have recently seen 400 cc and 650 cc versions of a new Suzuki scooter and either of those would be superb daily transport.

An mid size in line four or a v-twin, either would be good. Plan on choosing a clean used one if you can to save money for rain and riding gear.
Good rain gear, good helmet, boots and gloves and you should be good to go.

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Default Re: Abandoning 4 wheels in L.A.?

Keep the car and start riding cheap used bike first. if things work out ok then sell the car and get the bike u really want.

(way out of subject)

unlike cops here in US riding HD with coffee cup and donuts, cops in Tokyo ride real bike like VFR.
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Default Re: I had two wheels in LA

Thanks. I appreciate your practical advice.

Yeah, dating without a car will require some adaptations by me. Maybe it will be worthwhile to spend money on rental cars from time to time.

I don't want to get Jackson-and-Franklin-ed by my car. I paid only $2k for it, and it ran great for 3 and a half years until just this summer, so I'm not qualified to complain. I just can't afford a better car.
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