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Default Re: Book Review ''Ghost Rider'' By Neil Peart

Mike Portnoy is the second coming of Neil.
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Default Re: Book Review ''Ghost Rider'' By Neil Peart

This is a decent book, if a bit of a downer at times. His take on riding is great, and as far as the emotional stuff goes, Peart lets it all hang out. A good book about motorcycling, and a must-read if you are a Rush fan as it contains some pretty candid, short stints into behind the scenes band stuff. Haven't had to deal with deaths of loved ones like he has, so I can't really comment on that aspect of the book. Only real criticism I would level at the whole thing is this---I'm guessing that if most of us lost two close loved ones like he did, we could not afford to take a year and a half off from work to ride around and try to get over it.
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