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Default Re: Motorcycle Communicators

Okay, here's what I use with pretty darned good results: A Motorola T6400 FRS/GMRS radio and a motorcycle headset from http://soundradio.safeserver.com/ and between the twop I get up to a 2 mile range and it works great. Just make sure you get the half helmet boom mike even with your full face, it works much better then the full face button mike.

first post! Yippee!
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Default Re: Motorcycle Communicators

I'm still struggling with the notion of giving a woman a microphone. Sure in the beginning things will be ok, "Honey, look at that deer!" but your just one long road trip from, "Do these riding pants make my butt look fat?" and then motorcycling as you know it has ended.

Stick to hand signals bro.
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Default Re: Motorcycle Communicators

Sorry no advice on what to purchase but I have to comment. Riding with communicators is a blast. I had a bud that I used to ride with that ran his own radio business. He had a few on bike radios that he would lend out to people that rode with him. It added a lot of fun, saftey and awareness to our rides.

"COP COP COP" would be blasted over the airwaves as the first rider would ride point...

Then on those long interstates it was something like, "So I asked her where she learned that trick ..." Kept the ride interesting.
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Default Re: Motorcycle Communicators

I tap Morse code on my horn and when I want to show my displeasure to an auto I reflect the sun with my mirror into the driver's eyes. Just joking but it seems that automobiles are designed to reflect the sun into my eyes off their back windows. Minivans seem to be the worst "glaring" examples but most cars are almost as bad.
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Default Re: Motorcycle Communicators

AMEN! Hand signals don't break down.

Read this guys report of his IBA 100 CCC on a Hayabusa! He has a great story about M/C communicators and happily ripping them out of his helmet and resorting to hand signals. For those who don't know the 100 CCC is one of the IBAs extreme rides that has you traveling coast to coast to coast in under 100 hours. He did it riding two up!

Cages are for Hamsters!
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Default Re: Motorcycle Communicators

OK, my experience is limited, so here is my 1 1/2 cents worth.

A good riding buddy of mine and I have the Chatterbox FRS X2 commuinicators. They have shown mixed results. The VOX is easily fooled by wind noise; his just takes over when he hits 100mph. It seems that ambient noise makes all the differnece. We tried using the push to talk buttons last time with some success but his unit was having difficulty and would cut out when he spoke too loud. Very annoying but he is suppose to be talking with Chatterbox about that. Other than that not too bad. Range has been pretty good and I love having my stereo plugged into it as it automatically cuts-out for incoming transmissions.

To finish, riding with communication is very cool as opposed to without, much more color to the ride and things to see and when to pull over turn effortless. I really like the shouts of "DEER" or "COP". I will be getting a second headset so I can intercom with the wife when I ride two up. What's that dear? Bathr..what? My battery must be going dead, well stop in a while and see what you want....

Price is a bit much and I gotta believe someone has built a better moustrap, but who?

Paul from Minnestoa and his 2002 Vmax "hold on honey!" not the bikes name, just a discouragement for the wife......
paul from Minnesota
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Default Re: Motorcycle Communicators

Autocom is the UK's market leader by a long way. F1 car race teams use it for the pit crews - or so the manufacturers used to claim... Not cheap, though, and I don't know about frequencies for the US, 'cos it's all different on your side of the Atlantic.
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Default Re: Motorcycle Communicators

I've had Collet Communicators for the past few years and I've had great success with them. They work as advertised at all speeds in my full faced helmet and the sound vs noise ratio is all I could hope for. Since they attach to your helmet you dont need to unplug when you leave the bike and they are very ruggedly designed, seemingly designed for combat use and they have some good deals on older clearence models. A three year no questions warrantee is nice too.

I've tried Chatterboxes several times over the years but never had one that lasted more than a month. I hear that they are more reliable now but I think I'm through with them.

AutoCom is an expensive modular system that I hear is very nice. It does require you to plug in to the bike (I hate that) .

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Default Re: Motorcycle Communicators

Try this link for the US supplier of Autocomm products. I use the bike to bike setup with a FRS radio and it works good up to 55 MPH OK. But they are sensitive to proper set up. I use the push to talk to avoid any problems with VOX. http://www.autocomamerica.com/index.asp
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Default Re: Motorcycle Communicators

I have an AutoCom 3000 Pro, which was their top of the line model when I bought it several years ago. As noted by others, it is a modular system that can include a two-way radio. Can't speak for the two-way radio, but the intercom is unbelievable! The VOX is always spot on at any speed and any background level. No annoying delay, and the "noise-canceling" microphones are amazing at canceling out background noise. I have it "semi-permanently" installed in the tailcone of my Beemer, but it can easily be taken out and run on a 9-volt battery when we rent or borrow another bike. I have an input for a CD or tape deck and the fidelity is excellent. My passport radar detector is also connected for audible alerts, so the detector unit can be completely concealed in a fairing pocket. The volume can be adjusted for use when wearing earplugs, and there is a selectable feature that automatically mutes the CD/Tape Deck audio when you are talking.

AutoCom service is excellent as well. TheyÂ’ve got a shop in upstate New York, and you can call and talk to the technician that will actually be doing the work. They made some custom cables for the installation on the Beemer and made some recommendations that actually saved me money. And they also made a custom plug that connects my radar detector directly to my helmet headset (no intercom) when IÂ’m riding solo on my VTR1000. Excellent product, excellent service, premium price.
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