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The Toad

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Default Re: AMA and Cali DMV

Hey! Freedom means exactly what your neighbors say it means... as expressed by their votes at election time. If that means that to be free you must be crushed by taxes and hobbled by requlations at every turn it's a small price to pay to be truly free!!

After all, where would we be without the govt to protect us? The govt loves us. Even when it kills us it's for our own good.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Re: Not a chance

Oregon and Washington don't need any "Californication". They've got looser Environmental laws.

Anybody here from Portland?
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Default Re: I don't know...

You ake some good points, Buz. And I'm glad to know we both think SUVs are lame.</p>

But before you get too sweet on Ford... some of their SUVs are as clean as some of their cars...</p>

The EPA rates vehicles on a score from 0 to 10, 10 being the best score. First let's look at Ford's large sedans:</p>
<blockquote>Taurus: 6
Crown Vic: 6</blockquote>

Now the SUVs</p>
<blockquote>2WD Escape: 6
4WD Escape: 4
Explorer: 4
Expedition: 1</blockquote>

So while the smaller engined Escape matches the sedans, most of Ford's SUVs are significantly dirtier than their sedans.</p>

As for the cars of just a few years ago, the earliest EPA polution scores I could find on Ford are from 2001. Their SUVs for that year are dirtier than the sedans for that year.</p>

Like I said, I'm glad we're on the same side. I guess I'm just not as anxious to wave the "all clear" flag.</p>
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Default NOT TRUE

It depends on the 4 stroke. There are "compliant" and "non-compliant" vehicles. I am going to guess that you own a DR-Z400, YZ250F, or YZ400F. If you can find one, all MY2002 OHRV's will get a green sticker.

Here is a link to the list of compliant OHVs:


Here is a link to the list of non-compliant OHVs:


And here are a couple other related links where I found those above:





Either way it sucks and it's just another way for the jackasses in Sacto to keep their meaningless jobs by chasing after pollution sources that are so small as to be insignificant. But unfortunately, we are an easy target.
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Default Re: AMA and Cali DMV

Yet another reason to thank the Good Lord that I don't live in CA!
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Default Reality check

We all knew we couldn't get away with it forever, didn't we? I think that this will grow, and, sooner or later, all states will be doing something similar.

Stupid and tyrannical? Yes, but that's never stopped government before.

Here in VA, we used to be able to walk in with an MSO, no matter what was printed on it (Reference to the Japanese manufacturers disclaimer "Not for highway use" printed on off-road MSOs) and get a clean title. I tried it last month, and to my horror was given a title that said "dirt" on it instead of "motorcycle".

Mongo just pawn in game of life.
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