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longride 07-10-2003 10:43 AM

Re: Excellent Point
Since it doesn't apply to you or him, why should either of you worry about it? If the idiots want to be pulled over it's no skin off your ass is it?

KPaulCook 07-10-2003 10:49 AM

Kansas helmet law.
I pay in form of higher insurance premiums. But helmetless riders make helmeted riders pay in the form of riducle by the general public which causes a myriad of other problems, lack of respect for motoryclist rights etc. One of the guys who works for me is from Kansas and he says in Kansas they have a helmet law which says you can ride with out a helmet but don't expect to get any money for injuries if you do.

KPaulCook 07-10-2003 10:52 AM

Re: Excellent Point (Why be an AMA member?)
You are right I only care because the AMA is saying that this is such a great victory. I didn't want to reup for AMA this year but my wife said the insurance break I get pays for it.

longride 07-10-2003 11:13 AM

Re: Excellent Point (Why be an AMA member?)
It's a victory for freedom. Freedom of choice. If that pisses you off, then membership isn't your bag. Since you aren't really paying for anything because of the discount, it shouldn't matter what the AMA does or doesn't do.

longride 07-10-2003 11:22 AM

More BS
1. You don't pay higher premiums because of non-helmet use. That is complete and utter bullshyt. If it was an issue then the insurance company would charge those that don't wear, just as companies won't insure sportbikes, or jack the premium for them.

2. Helmetless riders cause no greater ridicule than helmeted ones. That would especially be true in your case. Unless they start putting a brain in the helmet, your still in trouble. Pulling that one out of your a$$ certainly doesn't make that true, but hey, reality never got in the way of your fantasies before, why stop now?

3. I have no idea what Kansas does, but there cannot be a LAW that forbids payment for not wearing a helmet. Insurance companies can to that on their own, but show me the LAW that says it. I'll bet you anything there isn't one, so either you got the story screwed up from your "friend" or he is as mentally challenged as you are.

4. You never answered the question of who should pay for your choice to ride a motorcycle. Surely, you can't argue that an auto is safer, so who pays? Please answer.

Buzglyd 07-10-2003 11:37 AM

Re: More BS
I think we're gonna want to see some Yahtzee scores before we go any further.

Neal 07-10-2003 11:39 AM

Re: Kansas helmet law.
Clueless squids buying ZX6Rs as their first bikes and splattering their helmeted bodies all over the road in 100 plus mph accidents are a bigger detriment to motorcyclists than helmetless riders....but they have a right to be an idiot and kill themselves. When in Florida or Ohio, I sometimes ride helmetless and I dont consider myself an idiot.....Im just making an informed personal decision that is different than yours. If you want to consider me an idiot,thats your right.Based on much evidence on this site,I consider you an idiot...thats my right.

Buzglyd 07-10-2003 11:39 AM

Re: Excellent Point (Why be an AMA member?)
I think in KPaul's case the AMA means the American Medical Association.

He gets a discount on his meds that way.

But you should see his MSF scores!

Buzglyd 07-10-2003 12:07 PM

Yeah but have you compared MSF scores?
I hear his are really impressive!

fizzchem 07-10-2003 12:14 PM

Re:YOU miss the point
Not signaling a lane change isn't enforced regularly either. Neither is the de facto 80 mph on I-95.


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