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Default The Angry Crippled Solitary Wheelchair Pilot

Why Oh Why do we have to make this decision? If "your freedom stops where mine ends" then we as motorcyclists are being opressed. We are being opressed by STUPID drivers who would run us over and blame the accident on us when its their fault. I feel violated... If I go out and run a pedestrian over then I would be charged with vehicular homicide, why not the same protection for people who pay taxes/licensing fees. The person who ran me over got Failure to yeild and Reasonable Vigilance?!!??!! I just hate that I can ride responsibly and be screwed by some no talent ass-clown
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Default Re: The Angry Crippled Solitary Wheelchair Pilot

That really pisses me off. Find an opportunistic lawyer and sue that bastard, betcha he settles out of court for some nice jing ($72k base price for a new 7, he can afford it ) I mean hell, a guy who runs in those circles? He probably expects it. Least he can do is pay your medical bills & buy you the bike of your dreams, right? In the meantime, look deep in there and ask yourself if you're gonna let misfortune rob you of something you like so much that reading about it brings a tear to your eye. Also ask yourself if you can get back on the horse and feel good about it. Wheeler said to me "There's only two kinds of riders; them that's been down and them that's goin down." At least you got THAT part out of the way, eh? Remember the good, have faith in yourself & heal buddy, heal.
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