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Default DuPont Tyvek???

I've seen similar raingear at tackle shops. It looks to be made from DuPont TYVEK or a derivative. It's lightweight, windproof, breathable, etc. I don't know how durable it is. For $60 you can't go wrong.
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Default Re: Frogg Toggs Raingear

My club just hosted the Howdy Summer Sidecar Rally in Suches Georgia this weekend. We could have called it the Rally In The Rain. (But we had TWO and the roads around it vitually to ourselves). Two of the few people who were not wet most of the time (by either the 4 to 6 inches of rain Friday and Saturday; or sweating inside their traditional rain suit) were the couple in Frog Toggs. I thought they were a joke when I saw them at a trade show last year. They are not and have just climbed to the top of my 'got to buy' list before the next run. Who knew something that light weight and kinda goofy looking would work so well?
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Default Re: Frogg Toggs Raingear

Have had them for years, and...... Love um. They crunch down to a very small ball for easy saddlebag/tank bag storage. They do keep you dry for the most part. I have the 2 piece, and the snaps that hold the pockets closed seem to be the one place that lets water in.

1 downside is...You will melt a hole in them in a split second if they touch your pipes though.

I would buy them again
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Default Re: DuPont Tyvek???

If $60 is too much for your budget stop by Target and pick up an Eddie Bauer rainsuit. It only costs $30 and it works! I have one for me and one for my wife. We road a poker run in the rain last Sat. and stayed dry!
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Default Re: Frogg Toggs Raingear

I also thought the Frogg Toggs were a joke when I first saw them, but I went ahead and bought a set. Boy,am I glad I did. The have performed great! I ride a KLR 650 and don't have much wind protection but I stayed bone dry riding in pouring rain for 2 hours. I was also surprised to find I was not the least bit clammy when I took the Toggs off. I have used the Frogg Toggs more often as a wind suit when the temperature would drop unexpectedly. They really increase your comfort level without being bulky. I was able to comfortably ride in 30 degree weather with longjohns, jeans and my Frogg Toggs. They are durable and pack into a small space. A great inexpensive alternative to a Gore Tex or vinyl rainsuit.
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They now have the patches that you can put on them to repair and protect from heat at: Frogg Toggs Rain Gear Outerwear - Frog Toggs - Frog Togs. They also have a new product called Frogg Leggs.
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I think all these cars look cool!However, I compared the timid dare not know the future to learn to drive!
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Lightbulb Biker Rain Chaps

Sorry for the selfless plug, but I had to step in...

Frog Toggs are a lot like my product, Biker Rain Chaps. They really keep you dry and clean from the thighs down (the most exposed part of your body on a bike) and they are a ton easier to get on and off than full rain pants.

Meeting the need of 90% of the situations you'll encounter on a bike, they're a heck of a lot cheaper than traditional rain gear ($19.99). They are also a TON more compact (fit into an included bag that's roughly the size of a soda can...).

I love the pair I use. They're the best and easiest thing I've found to keep that post-rain road spray off your legs. I also wear them whenever I wear khakis to work because they ensure I don't get any road grime on my pants.

Now, with respect to hot pipes, while they are not heat/burn proof, they are pretty resilient. I've used the same pair for many years without any damage due to exhaust pipes. The only situations where I've heard about people melting them is when the rain chaps have come in direct contact with the pipe and a leg... and in those circumstances, the leg got burned too... and anything shy of leather would have been melted/ruined also.

Anyway, check them out. Biker Rain Chaps - Your First Line of Defense. This month, we're giving away a free pair in our sweepstakes. Sign up here: Win Free Biker Stuff - Biker Rain Chaps

Anyway, check out the site and let me know what you think. In my (humble) opinion, Biker Rain Chaps is a kick-butt product at an unbeatable price point... One that you'll love every time it keeps you dry...

- Ray

The road makes you wet.
Biker Rain Chaps keep you dry.
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Got any Arm Chaps?
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