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Default Re: 3D Without the Glasses

Can you see what you look like sitting on the bike wearing armchaps?
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Default Re: 3D Without the Glasses

I hope it also include an app to find the best location for the end of the sneaky leaker

Otherwise the Harley guys will have fun building the bike of their dreams, and bragging about the price. Hey, this could lead to a new Harley fad.

Virtual online motorcycles that are bought and sold over the internet. Man I can see it now, the braging about how the bought for x dollars and for more. This will be great.

Then a virus program could be released to have parts drop off the bikes
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Default Re: 3D Without the Glasses

Hmmm, I think you are on to something here. You could even couple your idea with VR software to allow you to virtually ride your creation to Sturgis/Daytona/Laconia/. That way also the owner wouldn't have to ride down with the local crack ***** like he usually does- he could program in Pamela Anderson or Carmen Electra to ride with him. You could also then plan in some exciting but non-threatening adventures, like the ones in Easy Rider, but you could bail out before you are shot down by thugs.

I think I've seen Total Recall too many times. Later.
\"I knew it. I\'m surrounded by a$$holes.\" [b][i]Lord Helmet, Spaceballs
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