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diing 04-23-2003 03:01 PM

Suggestion from another big bloke in Oz
I started riding in Australia about 4 weeks ago. I had the same problem with small bikes fitting me, and the lack of good value bikes in the market.

I posted a request for help in choosing a bike for big-framed guys and got some great suggestions. Hve a look at

In terms of size, the Hyosung Comet is a 250cc but the frame was sized to also hold a 600cc motor (manufacture one frame for two bikes was the plan) and hence the Comet is so far out in front of anything else for big-bloke comfort.....and very ridable. The VTR was great fun.

In Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne there are some big 'grey importers' who have specilise in 250cc bikes, and showrooms full of almost every model you might want, so you can try all the bikes one after the other in quick succession and see which is best. If you do buy a Gre Import, try to choose a model/year that was also imported by the manufacturer, so there is better support if you go looking for spares.

In Brisbane, try these guys

Summoto in Melbourne are good too.

As a last resort, if you are big enough, the Registration Department give out exemptions to people if they are too big to practically fit on a small bike, and then you can get whatever size you want. They used to hand exemptions to anyone who wrote in, but now they have really clamped down...but it is worth asking the question.

Whatever you do, DO NOT just get your P's and then wait out the 12 months without a bike so you can get a Big Bike as your first set of wheels. I say this NOT because it means eventually you can jump straight onto a big bike with no experience. I say it because if you did it would be another 12 months before you can get out start enjoying the thrill of two wheels !!!

shooby 04-23-2003 03:49 PM

Re: Which 250 do i get!?
Hey there,

I'm in Sydney & the 250 rules really blow.

As hard as it might sound, the best thing to do is to just get a cheap used 250 (anything reliable) and stick it out for the year. I am learning from my mistake having bought a brand new Kawasaki Eliminator (Aus version is very different to 125cc US one). It's comfortable (I'm 6'2''), goes okay for what it is, looks great but I'm going to take a 2-3 grand hit on the thing when I sell. And believe me, you'll want to sell the 250 as soon as you get your unrestricted license.

Also note, RGV's and Aprilia 250's aren't permissible for L's & P's due to the power/weight ratios.


scrooble 04-23-2003 07:01 PM

Re: Whereabouts in Oz?
Where do you live? In NSW you're allowed a bike with capacity upto 650cc if it's under 150kw/tonne. Check here for the full list of bikes that suit:

On the other hand, *all* 250 2-stroke road bikes (ie the RGV250) are out - power/weight ratio too high. Other people have mentioned VTR250 or VT250s, they're good choices. ZZRs are a fun bike to ride, along with the Suzuki Across which is just a Bandit with a fairing.

I reckon buy a bike that you can drop without hurting the hip pocket too much, then move onto a better bike. Just remember, no matter how highly tuned a 250 is, it's still a 250 - it's never gonna get *that* fast.

Good luck with the search

scrooble 04-23-2003 07:05 PM

Re: Which 250 do i get!?
The 650cc rules came in July last year man, check the RTA website for the list of approved learner motorcycles. 250's are fine if you're my size (5'3, 53kg), but I dunno know how anyone over 5'8 can ride one!

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