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Default Re: I've been saying this all along

Again, it all comes down to what the rider, at least me, likes to ride, regardless of what others say - I don't even have a Harley or a Goldwing - I have a Suzuki Cavalcade (a what?) - it's a 1987 with 87000 miles on it & counting...

Pressure cookers have a relief valve for a reason!
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Default Re: Revelation: The Beauty of Simplicity

"Wow, I think I just sold myself on buying a Yamaha V-star... if only they had a center stand..."

That's what sold me on the V-Star; simplicity and ease of maintainence. However, you're in for a big suprise when it comes time to do an oil change. It goes something like this:

1. Remove the oil drain plug. It's pointing sideways towards the left side of the bike on the bottom of the engine, with the frame partially obscuring access and it's in a channel so you can't turn the wrench more than 15 degrees at a time.

2. Remove the front exhaust pipe. To accomplish this you need to remove the right floorboard, rear brake pedal, and BOTH mufflers! Be careful, the pipes will be hot!

3. Remove 5 bolts holding on the plate that covers the oil filter. Pay attention to where these 5 bolts came from since there are 4 different sizes.

4. Install new filter, drain plug, new oil and put it all back together. Good luck.

Don't get me wrong, I love the V-Star. But this is the only bike I have ever owned where a valve adjustment takes less time than an oil change!


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Default I agree with longride but...

Rich doesn't annoy me. But I agree with you on the rest of it. Freedom is a wonderful thing.

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