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Default Re: Mercedes-Benz Bike

I know a Mercedes-Benz mechanic and he claims they a very high maintenance cars. So now they will be making a high maintenance motorcycle. And we thought that was a thing left back in the pre 90's.
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Default Re: Mercedes-Benz Bike

heard this before;i'll believe it when I see it.A149HP cruiser sounds way cool,but 30ooo smackeroonies!!!!?????Count me out.
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Default Re: Mercedes-Benz Bike

Well, Daimler (Mercedes' original tradename) invented the first motorcycle. Woudln't it be interesting to see them have at it again?

Might lead to a few fresh alternatives fou us lot.
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Default Re: Mercedes-Benz Bike

I'll believe it when I see it in the showrooms...

...but if they do, some of that technology might push onto lower end bikes which could be good too. Especially if you can turn it off when you want to lift the front.

I wonder if this is anything like the proton bike. 3 cylinders of the Ferrarri F1 engine, cut off by Sauber engineers?
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Default Re: Mercedes-Benz Bike

Oh yeah, like they're gonna do something BMW hasn't considered?
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Default Re: Mercedes-Benz Bike

Having owned an MB and having some friends who own them I can tell you that they are quite high in maintenance costs. Bummers are even worse.

In my experience Volvos, Audis and Saabs are as bad. I think ownership of these cars is too much pure poserism, like most Ducati and too many HD owners. My 200,000 mile Subaru has cost far far less in maintenance over 11 years than my MB did over three. Probably only 1/3 as much. And it can actually go a up a fairly steep snowpacked road.
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