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I would say thats a good idea, from what I hear, the b10's are good tyres. 10 or 15 years ago I wouldn't think of using bridgestones, but they come a long way with tyres nowadays.
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Default Z4's rule

I took my SV out for a track day when the MEZ-4's already had abou 10k on them. Pegs were ground down nicely. The tires have plenty of grip for "spirited" riding. If you don't feel confident with the Metzelers, I'd say the problem is with your riding, not the tires.

If you check out svrider.com you'll see that lots of riders are using the BT-010 and BT-020 in combination and some swear by it. I don't think that you'll go wrong with either the Metzeler or Bridgestones.

Whatever tire you end up with, try to take your bike to a track day where you can learn just how far that SVS will go. Much better than on the street and no barbed wire to worry about.
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You put 6,000 miles on your bike in 1.5 - 2 years? You want to know which cheap tires are stickiest for hard sport riding? Dude, I hope some of that money you're saving is going toward a nice funeral. How about buying a set of Dunlop Sportmax hoops and try wearing them out in six months. When you have some decent saddle time tearing up the curves on a set of tires with predictable handling characteristics and good durability, then get the cheap crap so that the "excitement" induced pucker factor will keep you from killing yourself. Just an opinion offered from love for a brother rider.
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Did you go with the same size on the Z4's? It sounds like your geometry may be a little jacked up from changing tire size/profile.
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