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merv 04-01-2003 03:21 PM

Re: John Hopkins and Suzuka
So how come Suzuki can make bikes like the GSXR1000 that have awesome power for the road, but when it comes to racing they are always way behind Honda in horsepower and speed?

KPaul you got any ideas from the Honda PR department? I just figure Honda is the world's greatest engine maker as I gather by the time you add up all the engines they build each year from lawnmowers to Indy cars nobody builds more - so I guess they know a thing or two about engines.

jmeyn 04-01-2003 05:20 PM

Re: John Hopkins and Suzuka
Honda wins where they spend the most money and so does Suzuki. Duh, I guess. Suzuki seems to be spending more on MotoGP this year. Maybe it will help.

As for road vs track performance, Honda and Yamaha seem to be more conservative about what they permit their road buyers. Suzuki and Kawasaki expect emptors to caveat. JMHO.

layback 04-02-2003 01:29 AM

Re: John Hopkins and Suzuka
John Hopkins seems like a really good guy, back when he was racing here in the states, I didn't like him much, but I guess I didn't see the talent he has, cause now I hope he does well and gets some top finishes on his suzuki, he earned that ride.

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