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Default Privately Funded Study?

I like the idea of a privately funded study. Who has Jay Leno's number? Being such a bike nut, you'd think that he'd be open to it...I know that I would if I were him.

Anyway, maybe the AMA is the way to go. As KPC mentioned, I'd be willing to add something to my dues to have the study conducted within our circle. The key is discovering beneficial data without opening the door for anyone to "protect us from ourselves".

I agree with many who have posted that single bike accidents are far more prevalent than past studies have indicated and that many of them go unreported. I suspect that we'll get back to the same old stuff...don't ride when you're drunk, wear a helmet, rider education is critical, etc.

I really believe in the rider education angle. As a young buck, the transition from dirt to street was a very exciting time for me. However, it was also hideously dangerous at times. Now, 15 years later, when I look back on those days, I marvel that I'm still alive. Mind you, I wasn't some freak breaking every law in the book...I'm talking about how little I actually knew about safe riding and how unprepared I would have been if something had actually happened. Countersteering? SIPDE? Emergency braking? Surface hazards and infamous left-turners? All these things were barely on my radar.

Anyway, I believe that the first few years of riding are critical and anything that can be done to create riding/safety awareness and technique for newbies could be extremely beneficial. The MSF beginner course is a good start, but maybe there's more. Make it through the first couple years and you're usually a rider for life.

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Default Re: Crash Study Action

An article in the Omaha World Herald was about how the death toll on Nebraskas I80 had risen after the speed limit was increased to 75 compared to a much lower death toll in Iowa on I80 with a 65 speed limit. My dresser gets much better mpg at 65 so I usually keep it down to there even though we can get away with 80 mph. I also find it more relaxing when I don't constantly have to pass people but that is mostly because I have my 11 year old behind me and my wife riding her Yamaha 600 YX Radian. She likes to ride faster but having my whole family ripping around semi's gives me the willies. By my lonesome with the right bike I'd go 100 mph if I could get away with it.
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Default And while they're at it......

.....they can run a concurrent study about how many motorcyclists are run off the road by suburban soccer moms driving the latest ford colossus 4x4, whilst yapping on their cell phones (or worse watching the now ever-present DVD player), and fixing their eye liner.

I say all is fair in love and war (and goverment crash studies)
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Default what would a new study show?

It would tell us what the Hurt report already told us and which many motoryclists ignore already:

- wear a full-face helmet

- wear bright colors to be seen more easily

- wear leathers/cordura with soft armor

- etc etc etc

I'd be all for a new study if people would read it and follow its recommendations, but too many people ignore what we already know, so what's the point?
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Default Re: Crash Study Action

Alas Abe, those of us that wish our government would adhere to the few duties granted to it in the constitution appear to be a distinct minority. I fear that the rest have had their brains addled by those that controll our "news" outlets, and our (lack of) education system. VWW
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Default Re: what would a new study show?

I guess one really good point would be to show just how full of crap ABATE is. It is one thing to not want to wear a helmet. It is quite another to spread blatant *lies* about helmet use. And just maybe it would get the AMA to focus on something constructive to motorcyclists other than repealing helmet laws.

It also might help road planners to consider motorcycles when developing roads and make them more friendly to us.
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Default Re: what would a new study show?

Those are all good points, especially the one about ABATE. I always thought it was hypocritical that they have the word "education" in their group name but actively spread false and dangerous information. Also, with regards to the road planners, it always pisses me off that stoplight triggers aren't sensitive enough to determine that there is a motorcycle waiting for the light to change. You practically have to do a stoppie on some of them to get the light to change.

Anyway, I think this kind of study might also shed some light on which types of riders are at the highest risk for being involved in crashes, and with that information we could try to get some training and education for those riders, which would help to reduce the number of crashes.
\"I knew it. I\'m surrounded by a$$holes.\" [b][i]Lord Helmet, Spaceballs
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Default Re: Crash Study Action

I suspect the cottage cheese sales would suffer forthwith.
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Default Re: what would a new study show?

You both make excellent points. I think your point about finding the types of riders at highest risk etc is good.
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Default Re: Crash Study Action

O. K., for the people who can't tie your own shoelaces and still color every morning:

This report, this modern day Hurt report, is GOOD!

Here's why: every year, we are flooded with meaningless statistics. Who cares if barnyard animals cause 2.98243% of all traffic wrecks (they are NOT accidents). Bottom line is: how can you prevent the chicken from getting into your front wheel and causing you to endo into a ditch and perform your best Stephen Hawking impersonation for about 40 years?

Rider training. If you don't want to wear a brain bucket, fine. It's your funeral. If you don't want to wear protective gear, fine. Hope your Blue Cross is paid up. If you can't perform the neccessary functions you need to do on your bike of choice, then you have a problem. Proper training ensures that you know how to end up at point B and have the instincts to deal with the problems along the way.

I think that will end up being the gist of the study, anyway.

p.s. no chickens or Nobel Prize winning physicists were injured in this collection of absurd thoughts.

p.p.s., electraglider, you ignorant ****!

p.p.p.s., I've always wanted to say that.
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