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Default Re: Graft, 'Net Bans and Off-Season Drug Testing

I am not a proponet of drugs, but what in the world does the IOC have to do with motorcycle racing? Is the FIM under any obligation whatsoever to do the bidding of the IOC? Is there any contract involved? Does the IOC take an indirect role in the sanctioning of motorcycle racing in any way?

Is there any reason why the FIM shouldn't tell the International Olympic Committee to take a flying leap?
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That is very true: every employer has the right to set an internal policy, for example the drug test that needs to be taken when you apply for a job. This is not a bad thing and could help prevent drug abuse.
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Default Can you say, "Archive"

Tiberiu... dude!

MO has been around for eons (at least in Internet terms.)

Please look at the date stamp on the thread. While your post is nicely done and of interest, the thread is 7 years old!

Now, with that said, Welcome to the site!

You might want to update the topic with a new thread, maybe concerning the use of steroids or HGH among motorcycle racers. Enquiring minds want to know!

Don't let the crusty old farts (and some of them aren't really all that old) scare you off! We've got a lot of variety in our little group of MOrons, and that's all I've got to say about that.

Come back soon! But please don't ask any Oil Related Questions.
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Originally Posted by pushrod View Post
MO has been around for eons (at least in Internet terms.)
One can only wonder what ever happened to "Road Load." It boggles the mind.
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Default Nicotine & Caffeine

Leave the Nicotine and Caffeine alone! I agree completely. The rest is fine because I do not use drugs nor do I do prescriptions. Prescriptions are a grey area since so many Americans are on them. Most of the drugs in the following article I'm ok with testing... Narconon Vista Bay
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