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decotriumph 02-17-2003 03:21 AM

Re: AMA Battles Insurance Discrimination
Come on guys and gals! Send a quick letter or e-mail to your Senators on this one. The insurance lobbyists will be working overtime to defeat this bill. We need to make more noise than they do!

You can log onto the government relations portion of the AMA site ( and it will link you to your Senator.

seruzawa 02-17-2003 04:09 AM

Re: AMA Battles Insurance Discrimination
Ahhh, who cares? After all the AMA has that stupid helmet stance and that lousy magazine. Who wants to bother to support them? Those other guys will protect us from the Federal Fascisti and the IIHS...... uh, who were those guys?

boru4761 02-17-2003 04:37 AM

Re: AMA Battles Insurance Discrimination
Ahh, an excellent point, seruzawa.

I am not a big fan of the AMA's helmet stance either but I am more concerned with issues like this. So what if the AMA is pushing for no helmet laws? Their stance on that position does not affect me like this issue does. I can always decide to put my helmet on even when the law does not require it but a $10k accident with no help from insurance could definitely keep me off a bike for a long time while I pay medical bills. I think I may just opt for that AMA membership after all.

decotriumph 02-17-2003 04:54 AM

Re: AMA Battles Insurance Discrimination
The AMA has done and continues to do more for ALL motorcyclists than all the other motorcyclists' rights organizations combined. Regarding helmets, the AMA is pro-helmet use, but anti-helmet LAW. In other words, they are against the government ruling your life! I agree it's stupid to ride without a helmet, but one nice thing about's not illegal to be stupid! If it were, we couldn't afford all the jails required!

Buzglyd 02-17-2003 04:59 AM

This sure beats the "Harleys Suck" flame wars.
We need more people accessing this link. It's very easy to do. I just wrote both California Senators and my Rep. in less than 5 minutes.

If we don't stand up for ourselves, no one will.

longride 02-17-2003 05:05 AM

No it doesn't cause Harley's DO suck!
Especially those new Glides!

longride 02-17-2003 05:12 AM

Re: AMA Battles Insurance Discrimination
Just think if everyone that reads this post would get off their butts and take 5 minutes to send a note to help this bill. AMA has an easy way of doing it. Just go to the Rapid Response Area of the home page. Even if HALF of you did something, we wouldn't have a problem with this stuff. MO gets thousands of hits every day, but maybe .1% of you will DO anything. All of you thought if you wore a helmet they will leave you alone, right? Now you can see that miguided thinking didn't work, how about taking a whole 5 minutes to help yourself and everyone involved in motorcycling. I was one of those thousands of letters to that idiot in New Mexico, and made him back down. My voice will be heard on this. Where is your voice? Will it only be heard to cry after the fact?

Buzglyd 02-17-2003 05:36 AM

Re: No it doesn't cause Harley's DO suck!
Yeah, well mine has bigger axles and a cd player!

Buzglyd 02-17-2003 06:21 AM

Re: AMA Battles Insurance Discrimination
The rapid response link is great. I took care of my email and of course I have voted in every election since I was 18.

gooseman_1 02-17-2003 07:13 AM

Re: AMA Battles Insurance Discrimination
I've never heard about this before, and it blows me away!

I just sent all 3 of my U.S. congressman the AMA's email along with some of my own thoughts. Longride's post (above) is right-on. We all need to band together and fight this nonsense legislation, or risk losing our right to ride.

I was one of those who emailed Senator Hurt (three times) and actually got good responses from him. I was really surprised he even responded, much less took the time to correspond with me. This has really opened my eyes. So few people ever DO anything that one voice has incredible weight (think old folks voting).

I will now support the AMA as I have the AOPA (aircraft owners and pilots association), if only because they lobby on issues effecting me that I care a great deal about. If I can justify $39 to support the future of general aviation (my livelihood), then I can justify $39 to ensure the future of motorcycling (my passion).

Exercise your right to speak or lose your right to ride! Think about it.

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