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Default Riding Music

What does everyone listen to while riding? I'm looking for music in this genre: bit.ly/aRMi1y
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The music I listen-to is usually titled "VROOOOOM-VROOOOOOM-VROOOoooom-vrooooooom.........."
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I hook my bb into my autocomm, so same as I listen to on the train.
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Depends on many factors. For aggressive (almost squid) acts: Rage, Godsmack, Ozzy (early years), Audioslave, Clutch and such. For tooling around: Chicago, Thin Lizzy, The Eagles, The Who and Zep. For commuting: Hit random on the MP3 player and take what's given.
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I just listen to the voices in my head telling me which way to go..............

well, not all the time....mostly I just sing to myself or just listen to the wind and the exhaust, I wear ear plugs most of the time and with my stock exhaust it's just like a nice background white noise
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I prefer the song stylings of Alan Stirbling.
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