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CYCLE_MONKEY 11-29-2000 10:03 AM

Re: More Bad News: CA Dunes Partially Closed
Good points. One other I would add:

Today they take half the land. Tomorrow they take half of what's left. The next day they take half of that, all using the same excuses. After a week, what's left?

Lincoln 11-29-2000 11:02 AM

Save The Environment - Plant A Mall
I'm so absolutely sure that the same people pushing for this land closure ride to and from work in their big fat SUV's, machines that are responsible for far more destruction to my earth than a dirtbike ever could be

Iman01 11-29-2000 11:49 AM

Re: More Bad News: CA Dunes Partially Closed
You use balance when you are sitting in the parking lot. We use gyroscopics when we are riding. The force you can't see that holds it all together. No matter how hard you try you can't mess it up.

Iman01 11-29-2000 12:12 PM

Re: Save The Environment - Plant A Mall
Gore won all the City dwellers. Find a county by county map of who won the votes. Bush took the rural country areas, and Gore took LA county, and other of that size. These are the tree huggers that are trying to save the world from me. What does a City Dweller know about the environment?

They all talk about this delicate ballance. The world is more like a gyroscope. It is harder then you think to tip it over(mess it up).

guzziguy 11-29-2000 12:52 PM

Re: Save The Environment - Plant A Mall
Right on about Gore. The eco-terrorists all live in the cities. They don't know how hard it can be for most rural people to make a living - many areas depend on tourists. In northern Minnesota in winter there are two types of winter tourists - snowmobilers and cross country skiers. Both co-exist with no problem. Snowmobilers spend a whole lot more money than the skinny skiers ever do though! Now they want to close all the motorized trails. There goes the whole winter economy of all small towns in the snowbelt down the toilet. The Feds and city folks don't care, but my friends and neighbors sure do. And modern snowmobiles do not put out oil and soot on the snow, as some moron tried to insinuate in a previous reply!

Arch 11-29-2000 02:34 PM

So many humans? LOL!
What a bunch of pap. And ... "The sanctity of mother earth"? Someone get me a Kleenex. Tell ya what Mr. Anonabomber, leave the thatched hut for a while and take a little airplane ride. While up there, you'll notice bazillions of miles of untouched earth in all directions while most riding areas would pass beneath in a couple of seconds.

This closure crap is going on all over the fruited plain. Get your head out of that DNC handbook and have a look around, then wake up and smell the agenda.

roadload 11-29-2000 02:44 PM

Re: More Bad News: CA Dunes Partially Closed
What does Alan Greenspan think about all of this!

Lincoln 11-29-2000 04:16 PM

Re: City dwellers know...
Dear City Dweller know-it-all. Don't you realize that there is a complete double standard that is being applied to off-roaders? Why are cars being allowed to get bigger and bigger and less efficient(i.e.10mpg Ford Excursion), while motorcrossers are getting their land taken away and a crackdown on their "filthy" 2 stroke motors?? It's completely hypocritical. And i'll let you in on a secret - the EPA knows whats going on, because they are certifying these SUV's for the road!!!And you never hear the EPA protesting the building of malls - the most horrible thing of all you can do to the green earth. Tell you what - you rabid green freaks start making some noise about SUV's and malls, then come back and talk your trash to me.

Lincoln 11-30-2000 03:12 AM

Re: City dwellers know...
oh, that makes complete sense

CYCLE_MONKEY 11-30-2000 03:16 AM

Re: More Bad News: CA Dunes Partially Closed
Unfortunately, like most issues, We The People had no say in this. WE NEVER HAD THE CHANCE TO VOTE ON THIS ISSUE.

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