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Default Re: Thanks.

My gas mileage? If you mean me, I'm not sure I know what you're talking about... Or maybe you don't. I get 40mpg.

With a 5.8 gallon tank, that translates to a looooong cruising range, too.
People are more violently opposed to fur than leather, because it\'s safer to harass rich women than bikers.
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Default Re: Break the Mold

For me, it is the best time of the day. I am out there, even if it is just commuting to or from work, just me, the bike, and several thousand poor SOB's stuck in the traffic they create. I have tried driving to work. For the 28 mile commute in a car, it takes over an hour. Especially on Fridays, it can be extended to over two hours for the same distance.

If I wanted to take that much time, I will head out and do the 150 mile, stress-decompressing loop through the backroads of San Diego County. I personally would rather be tired from a hard ride, than a slow numbing drive.


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Default Re: Break the Mold

I got my bike ten months ago, the underrated zr7-s. I bought my bike after 18 years hiatus from motorcycling. Learned riding when I was 16 on 80cc East Germany made Simpson. In these ten months I put 10,000 miles on my bike. Most of this is commuting to work 26 miles one way. I love my commuting; I wish the road to my work were longer. I have two kids at school and one in daycare. In the morning I drive them to school in my car, then return home to get my kawi and only then head to work. Because of this I am usually about ten minutes late but it is worthy! I have four-year-old escort that I planned to replace with a new car some time ago but now the only new vehicle I can think of is the Interceptor. Since I started riding again the cars lost its appeal to me. Escort takes me from point A to B and the kawi provides the thrill of riding.
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Default Re: Break the Mold

It's nice to know that someone realizes we like to talk about more than motorcycles.

We like to talk about *motorcycling* too.

Keep it up, guys.

I ride to work most days, but have a couple bikes to switch off to do so. That helps keep it interesting, but I dont' really consider it motorcycling as much as just getting there. On weekends, though, it's back to motorcycling on the roads of West Marin county. I think the weekend rides are made that much sweeter by the contrast with the weekday riding.

A guy wasting time in Marin
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Default Re: Break the Mold

Not if you get killed. In the morning it's dark and the lawn service trucks hauling trailers in bad repair switch lanes with no warning and dodge between near blind retiree's. On the way home it's dump trucks doing 80mh with full loads blasting by dazed tourists. South Florida is no place to ride to work.
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Default Am I just plain nuts?

Weekdays are the only days I ride my motorcycle. (40K+ miles commuting in San Diego)

I suppose Huss is correct. My thrills come from surviving yet another commute.
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Default Re: Break the Mold

Life is too short to be trapped in a job that you do not enjoy. You do spend most of your conscious life working and you do see more of your co-workers than you do your own family. My two bit advice is to find something better as soon as you can.

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Default Re: Break the Mold

Due to job security concerns I started working offshore (same company, same title, just offshore). I wasn't happy because I was going to work 14 days on and 14 days off. It turns out that I was dead wrong. I should have moved to the offshore long ago.

I work 14 days and then I'm OFF. No pager, no on-call weekends, nothing. There is another engineer who works opposite me. So, after being bikeless for about 5 years (no time to ride) I bought a Suzuki 650cc V-twin. All my gear was old, so I splurged on a new helmet and textile riding gear.

I linked up with a group of old gearheads who ride every Saturday. What a gas! With 14 days off I have all the riding time I want (understanding wife). The weather last Saturday was going to be abysmal, so I called a couple of the guys on Thursday. We went out Friday and rode around southern Louisiana in the gorgeous spring weather. I have reacquainted myself with the pure joy of riding. I had forgotten how much I missed my last bike.

Ride to live, boys and girls.
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