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Default Re: Break the Mold

I thought your story was excellent! Those are the kind of days that it all worth it.
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Default Re: Break the Mold

All of this is true of course - but here in the Wasteland known as Houston, Texas even us experienced riders don't push it too long or too far - You think Dallas is bad!!!

A couple of years back I was touring Europe by Beemer of course and while the lovely flame and I were standing in line in Paris we started up a conversation with some NY city couples. When they found out we were from Houston they replied "Houston has some really bad traffic and drivers!" That's from NYCityer's. These cagers run over the Houston Police on bikes and even try to run their butts over my Power Stroke 250

Still your article is on the mark though
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Default Re: Break the Mold

Mini, riding to work for me is an impossibility. I'm a self employed appliance tech, so my van sits in my driveway, and when I'm going to "work" , it's to a customers house. From my house, which is also my office. But I can dream... And there are days that I do indeed dream of riding to work. Of going out to the garage and starting one of the bikes in the early morning, and taking it out onto the highway, or the backroads and towards whatever place will pose as my office. You have the ability to live the dream for those of us who cannot ride to work, ever, because our jobs and personal lives are to tightly intertwined. Minime, don't ever become so blase' about your job that you forget what makes being a moto-journalist special: You get to play with cool toys all day long, while the rest of us can only dream about being in your(And other Motojournalists) shoes. Riding a modern motorcycle is a special thing indeed, that those who do not ride can never understand, or even begin to get a glimpse of. I'm still awaiting the seasonal thaw here in the northeast, but I know in a week or two winter will pass on Long Island, and the bikes will be ready to roll for another year. And as you alluded to, the thrill of exploration will soon commence. There's such an excitement in the anticipation of just throwing on the riding gear, and walking towards the garage to get one of the bikes out, and start the early morning once over before pulling easily out of the driveway, and heading down the quiet, dew laden street cautiously, until reaching the main road, where any residue from the night before is long since absorbed into a cars tires, allowing the quietly ecstatic rider to wick it up a bit (But not completely) as he's on the way to meet his riding buddies for the day.

Yes, motorcycling is special for those of us who really do enjoy its ins and outs,and for those of you who get to motorcycle for a living, well lets just say I know I'm not the only one who's a little jealous...

Rock On !

Ralph L Angelo Jr

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Default Sorry to disagree

Unfortunately I disagree with Minime. Police Motorcycle Officers are taught by the Northwestern University Police Motorcycling Training Program that they will have a collision with a car within 2 years (source Rider magazine, April 2002). One could extrapolate the equivalent in civilian years based on ride time. Of course police officers take more risk riding than we do, but ultimately we are all in the same boat. We ride motorcycles in traffic.

I used to ride to work until I was taken out by a lady running a red light. Now I am undergoing physical therapy to enable me to return to a normal life. I absolutely love bikes and will ride again, just not to work anymore. Traffic in most US cities has become borderline lethal, and I realised that the thrill I received from my daily bike commute was not from having enjoyed the ride as much, but more from feeling that I had won out against the cages, and would ride another day. The real enjoyment was derived from my weekend rides either solo or with close friends along routes that were less travelled, and from my long vacation trips up the coast highway.

I had realised that where and with whom I rode with was more important than how many times I rode. As with all things in life, quality is better than quantity.

I know that there will be many who will scoff at me. I thought it could never happen to me, I rode defensively, I wore all the right gear. But it did.

Ride safe.

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Default Re: Break the Mold

get the aprilia futura if you need to travel and have fun and live well.
Alex - Pro Flasher
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Default Do it till your satisfied!

All over again!

Weather permitting in Swampeast Missouri, I ride my DR350SET to work. I am the only motorcyclist in my building to ride to work. Doing so has cut my auto's fuel consumption by 75%! My short commute allows me to take a quick trip down an old railroad spur where I can "play" in the dirt right before I get to the parking lot. Always puts me in the right frame of mind.
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Default Re: Breaking the Mold

I lived in SF at the time I was flying to Ft L to our office there. While SF had 10 times the traffic, I must admit I did feel safer here in CA. I wasnt on a bike mind you in FL, but just in the rental car I saw how bad FL drivers were. Now before the east coast / west coast flame war starts let me finish my observation. The "Blue hairs" as I was informed by my FL coworkers did turn out to be as scary as they made them out to be. Nothing like seeing just a tuft of blue hair above the dash as the car swerves back and forth across a 4 lane road at 20mph in a 45mph zone. Also what is with the roads down their? I hear they use sea shells in the pavement mix and with the slightest touch of rain (which in the summer So FL gets every day) the roads are slick as can be. Also with the heat, humidity and thunder showers I can see how commuting in FL can be nasty.
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Default Live to ride


I'm lucky to have a 50 km round trip commute to work that vary in lenght at will: in the morning I just use the road that match the time I have to be at the office for 8.

Lunch time=quick blast to some terrace for a bite, and when I go out at 5 it all depend on my mood, back home in 15 minutes or 4-5 hours.

I'm waiting for some better weather now to start commuting on my 600, it still is winter conditions here now (eastern Quebec) but by the middle/end of april I should be out everyday to enjoy the day on two wheels, except the odd day that I use my box van to go ride mx after work...

Have fun, ride safe!
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Default Re: Break the Mold


You hit the nail on the head. I enjoy riding to work often myself and usually leave just a little early so that I can take that spirited ride that helps me to wake up. Don't care if it takes me completely out of the way. As a father of two and a marriage of 11 years and as much as I love them all I don't think that I can be the same guy without my release (vfr800). It is my therapy.
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Default Re: Break the Mold

Boy I know what you're sayin. I keep looking for the time to get home getting longer. The destination is the ride, the road, the smell, the things that you don't usually see in the car. The tune-out of everything else. Yea, you're right. It's hard to write about it.

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