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Question Returning to Cycles

Around 25 years ago I turned in my helmet and quit riding. For some reason we thought taking care of our newborn was a little more important than riding our Honda 550 and Suzuki 750, both with Windjammers. Actually, the Suzy was my brother-in-law's and it felt just a little too much for me. The 550 felt right with my being 6'3" and 245#. (Or for the rest of the world, 1.9m and 111kg.)
I'd like to get back to riding, probably in the spring. I have a 21 mile (34km) drive into work and I can go via motorway or two lane (rural or urban). And being cheap, I'd like something that is inexpensive to buy, run, and maintain. As much as I'd love to get a Hawg, I'd say that's out of the question.
So, I'm open to suggestions. To me, it's a shame no one seems to make anything in the 350cc - 550cc range anymore that doesn't look and ride like a POS. The Honda was sweet, quiet, smooth and easy. Thank you.
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Welcome back Gomer- Here are the important questions: 1- Are you still interested in Standard motorcycles? That's important because the term "standard" has changed since 1985. 2- Are you signed up for a MSF course in your area? Also important, you need to be re-trained on skills you have not used in quite a while. and 3- Are you riding solely for the commute or are you pleasure riding? Very important question- if solely commuting you may want to check out the maxi-scooters, because they are quite versitile, have storage and get around 60 mpg vs say a Suzuki SV650 that is all kinds of fun but returns less mileage.
So, think about the type of ride you want and shoot us some ideas of what you where thinking first and we'll be happy to assist you in your return to riding.
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Well, welcome back...did you know a "gomer" over here is a slang for a Marine? it's from the show Gomer Pyle USMC. He played a right yob in that show it can also mean a fool or hillbilly..Just thought I'd point it out for you....

Anyway, the best thing to do is shop around at the different shops and see what's out there and what suits you, bikes have become much better though much more specialized these days. Not to say that you can't do any kind of riding on any kind of bike, just a little easier on some than others..
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If you can live with an extra 150 cc's the WeeStrom DL650 makes a great commuter. 50+ mpg, lots of room, good for the long legs.
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Get yearsef ona dem Hawley Dabidsums Sportstahs. Nice to look at, even nicer to ride. I'm sooooo sick of cookie-cutter Japanese machinery i could vomit. A Sporty should fit the bill just fine.
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