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Default breaking in new bike, also learning to ride.

Hi there,

I've been lurking around bikes for the last few months. First I bought a 150cc scooter, and it got pretty boring. Then I bought an older yamaha dual sport, and it was destined to become a money pit/headache, so I sold it for what I paid and set my sights on a new bike.

I ended up with a new BMW 650 xcountry bike and I LOVE it. Wow!

In any case, I'm doing my absolute best to break in per the manual's instructions. Problems are that:

1. Other than varying speed, and not exceeding certain speeds in certain gears, that's apparently all there is to it. Could that really be? I don't even see me breaking those gear speed limits when it's broken in. 44 mph in 4th? I guess I'm just curious if anyone has any other advice for break in.

2. I've killed the bike two or three times in te first 100 miles, just getting to know the clutch in first gear. Could doing this cause damage to the motorcycle? It doesn't sound any different, and purrs right along, but I just got paranoid about it.

Thanks a bunch for any advice!!

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You can't hurt the clutch that way unless you are revving the engine to redline and dumping it most of the time. But that wouldn't kill the engine. Makes for interesting starts, though.
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The most important issue in the 'break-in' process is getting the piston rings to properly seat. Do three things:

Vary the load on the engine. Don't drone along for miles at one speed.

Avoid over-revving the engine. That's why the 'rev-limits' are given for each gear.

Avoid 'engine braking'. The idea is to keep pressure on the pistons, and engine braking doesn't help.

The 400-500 miles will be done before you know it. Get the oil changed, and then find something else to worry about. And there are plenty of other things to worry about.

Like, all the people out on the road that are trying to kill you.

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sounds like you're doing fine and made a good choice in bikes. take your time and practice braking as much as you can, that's the most important skill to have. keep your head on a swivel and focus on whats going on around you, ride like you're invisible and you'll do fine.
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Default thanks!

you guys make too much sense.

hilarious about finding things to worry about. fortunately, i don't own any stock!

thanks a bunch for the info on engine braking....that's the first i've heard of it, and i do a lot of downshifting. i thought i was supposed to. anyway, i've got 500 more miles to avoid doing much of it.

Again thanks! Having so so so much fun on the bike. I'm glad I took a class, too; I recommend it to anyone heading out into traffic, that's for sure. People are retarded.

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Downshifting is fine. Just don't use the engine compression to brake. Use the brakes - that's what they are for.
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