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The_AirHawk 08-24-2008 10:22 AM


Originally Posted by CrazyRider (Post 192162)
Nice you talked about safety gear... What do you recommend? I went to Yamaha website and saw some cool stuff but I don't know... A helmet and gloves but I don't know about the rest.
Maybe you can help Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA - Riding Gear

The bike is red and white.

CrazyRider ;-)

Your gear does not have to match the bike - in fact, you might even be made sport of behind your back if everything you wear DOES match!

I cannot stand most of the wild "Zinger" graphics on a lot of gear, so most of my own ends-up being Black - but with lots of retro-reflective bits all over it (I ride at night probably 50%-60% of the time)

Those reflective bits also help in the daytime - just not as much.

I also have retro-reflective decals strategically placed on the bike, and clean them often (even when the rest of the bike is filthy).

I just found this place: Appliedgraphics - reflective helmet stickers decals, motorcycle decals, helmet decals, biker decals, reflective motorcycle decals, bicycle decals.

I'm probably going to add a few of the chevrons to my top-case and sides of my PC800.

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