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Originally Posted by lrredsoxfan06 View Post
I haven't been here in a while, but while I was gone, I was looking into bikes. Ironically, you guys gave me some advice, and some said a Kawasaki Ninja 250 or 500 would be a great starter bike, and there is one RIGHT DOWN MY STREET. I never noticed it until you guys gave me advice.

Any way, I think a Ninja 250 or a Ninja 500 might be too small for me. My friend recently got an '08 Suzuki GSX. He's probably about 5 inches shorter than me, as I'm 6' 3". The bike looks a little big for him, but he manages. Being 6' 3", I think I'll grow out of a Ninja 250 or Ninja 500 fairly quickly.

Are there any other bikes that are under or a little over $3000 that will fit my height and experience? I'm a new rider to refresh everyone's minds.
SV650? Hyosung GT650? Ninja 650 SIX FIFTY. the 600 is a 4 cylinder supersport, not good idea the 650 is a twin and should be alot safer.

How about the Buell Blast?
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^^Good suggestions, and I thank you.^^

I am more than likely going to get a Ninja 500. I think I want something a little faster, 500 over a 250, and it's definitely a learning bike.

Thanks for all the help once again!
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