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Question new rider/1999 r m125

hey guys im new to this and am looking for some feedback from some experienced riders. Heres the scoop, im 23 and i havent ridden a dirtbike since i was ten, i have two kids and i need something to get me out of the house on the weekends, thats where the 1999 suzuki rm 125 comes in, i know its a high powered motocross bike and its probably out of my league, but the price is right and it helps that i can finance the damn thing. im not gonna be trying anything crazy or stupid because i dont want my kids growing up with their daddy in a wheelchair or worse a grave, all im gonna use it for is some easy trail riding and maybe some country roads for lack of cops because the thing isnt street legal, i would prefer a dual sport but i can only find brand new ones that are at least $6000. i know that anytime you jump on something with 2 wheels and an engine your risking life or limb, but im sure some of you understand my plight and need for a bit of freedom, i just need to know if im getting in over my head, thanks a lot.
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Default What's up Doc?

There is a device that you can attach to the throttle. It's a bioelectric control unit. Everybodys got one and depending on how it's adjusted anything is possible. If we were to avoid risk completely I don't even think we'd make it to the couch. You understand there is risk, so manage it. Use protective gear and there is an MSF for dirt. On the other hand how hard have you looked for a used dp? I know that it takes some time where I live but have you looked at craigslist or cycletrader? I'm sure the dirt riders here will have so better insight and some more online sights to help you find a bike.

Remeber the cardinal rule: Always get something smaller,cheaper and older [within reason] than you think you want. When you buy your second bike you'll begin to know what you really want.
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If you're looking for light kits to "legalize" the bike they are everywhere. Mostly, you'll need a small battery (sealed type- atv or pwc will work). It's the conversion that you'll have to ask questions about. Go to your local tag office and or police dept and tell them what you want to do and ask how the inspection process works. If it's like GA you should be able to find at least 3 or more kits that will meet DOT approval. Installs are pretty easy and come with detailed instructions.
You know you can find Suz DRZ400s models for under $3K now- don't you?
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