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IMO a two peice is more practical, that way you can wear the complete suit in inclement or chilly weather or just the jacket (or pants!) depending on the occasion, As Kenneth said, it is all about the shoes and I recommend basic black as a go anywhere-do anything fashion statement. There are of course many fun and exciting colors available in leather or lorica which can be co-ordinated with a multi colored riding suit, or for a more formal look you can't go wrong with basic black for a suit and boots for off the bike wear. A little personality can still sneak through by co-ordinating helmet and gloves with the bikes paint scheme for that "Yess, I'm on THAT bike statement that lets everyone know where you're at!"

The sky's the limit and moneys no object for todays fashion concious rider!!

(a lttle tip though g/f...fingerless gloves w/ studs are Sooo South Beach if you know what I mean (wink wink)...

And beanie helmets..PLEASE..okay I'M sorrrry, it looks like a colander ok? I'm not lying..really!!!
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Two piece. The one piece suit is great for track days and hard romps in the mountains (which you lack in Tampa). Two piece suits Zip so you'll get all the benefits of the one peice with the ability to leave pieces behind at times. Boots- Casual riding: Alpinestars Octane, Sidi Doha are great for anytime and can be worn casual; Rain: Alpinestars Recon, Sidi Typhoon; Casual and/or rain: Teknic Hurricane; Track: Teknic Chicane, Sidi Strada, Oxtar Performance 2, Alpinestars Supertech, AGV Sebring2. Helmets- Subjective; depends on how your bean is shaped. AGV helmets seem fine for me. I own 2 and a Nolan that I'm happy with. Icon and Scorpion helmets are all the rage because the prices are good and quality is pretty good for that matter. Shoei, Shark, Suomy seem to make helmets that work good for those with egg shaped heads. Arai is great for guys with big 'ol fat bean heads that can get the ears to fit right under normal circumstances.
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Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore View Post
Nick, you want a versatile wardrobe that lets you put together the right styles, colors, and fabrics for any occasion. Let's say you're heading to that big frat mixer during Rush Week, and you're going to take the bike. Really the only important thing is making sure you've got the ascot well tucked in! So, follow your fashion sense, make sure you've got sensible shoes, and you're going to be just fine.
your a funny guy
but yes the way i look is a factor in this but also keep in mind i have no idea the way things happen in the motorcycle world so im just asking questions

just for an update im going to my class at the end of jan, its the closest to now i can get the weekend off . anything i should know before i go in?
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Just make sure you bring helmet, gloves and shoes/boots that cover your ankles. Depending on the class, most will prevent you from getting on a bike unless you have these items.

Other than that, the class is pretty easy going and usually the instructors are good people. If you relax you should have fun.
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