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Thankfully I'm not crossing in New Hope,(I know what a mad house that short stretch of road can be on the weekends!), but further north in Frenchtown.
I want to offer here that picking my first bike was confusing. Because I received so many conflicting opinions on what I should get.
A new rider really needs a mentor..
My girlfriend just moved up to a 1000cc Aprillia and thought I should start off with at least a 500cc if not a 650 because I will get bored in a few months with the 250.
So I sat on a few 650's, and knew from the get go that they were too heavy. Forget how many cc's they had.
Breaking the speed limit by huge numbers doesn't interest me.
When I sat on the Ninja, I knew it was a bike I could handle. It wasn't top heavy, I could flat foot easy and move it around with ease. It felt balanced to my 135lb, 5'5" body.
Is it my dream bike?
Heck, I don't even know what my dream bike is yet!
I've read that the Ninja can do 90, and more with mods.
Since the only time I drive my car above 65 is when I'm on Rt. 78, a fast moving interstate, why on earth would I want a bike that can go faster?
Where and when would I need to use it?
Getting in an accident at that speed?
I'd be a chewed up and spit out mass of bloody meat by the time I stopped rolling across the blacktop.
And that just doesn't appeal to me.
No, I'll learn to ride well on the Ninja.
My two friends that have bikes, the Aprillia and a male friend with a V-Star, have already assured me that they won't be embarrassed to be seen with me on my little yellow bike 5 yr. old ride
I'm not sure what "flicking" is yet..but it sounds like something fun to do on back twisty roads..on a Ninja 250.
Now that's right up my alley


PS. Do bee's really like yellow bikes like I've been told?
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Originally Posted by SeeJoy View Post
PS. Do bee's really like yellow bikes like I've been told?

Yeah, 'fraid so. You'll need to eat lots of onions and garlic to keep them away.........
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Sounds like the perfect bike. You'll see why you want to go faster than your car, but that's going to take a while and you've got a bike that will do it when you're ready willing and able. There's a fellow who has finished the Iron Butt rally on a ninja 250 (not this year though), so not only are they light and reasonably quick, but reliable as all get out. Good choice.
You've gotten good advice about the steel bridge grates, we've got 'em all over Portland too. Relax and they're no big deal. The bike wanders a bit, but will stay going the direction you want it to, so loosen the grip on those bars and you'll have it mastered.
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