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Originally Posted by sachiwilson View Post
Good show! Plenty of dirt out there in Texas, too.

Come on back and let us know how you get on, ok?

Or maybe how you got off??
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Originally Posted by Tony_Trill View Post
well im 20 and have never ridden a bike in my life.. closest thing to it was a yamaha raptor.. but im wanting to learn, bc i am really interested in joining a circuit.. whether it be a moto mx or moto gp.. but im really wanting to do moto qp type stuff.. now there are some dirt bike classes or a beginner class for sports bikes.. what would be the best course for a newbie like me??
If you want to race you can. I went from no motorcycle license to racing in 6 months. (Though I had ridden dirt bikes my whole life.)

1. Take the MSF - when you take it push yourself as much as you can, do their tests at as high a speed as possible it's a parking lot and it's a good place to push it. (Just be sure to pass when it comes to the test)

2. Buy a Ninja 250 or EX500 they're good beginner bikes and you can race either of them as well.

3. Take your bike to the parking lot and get to know your bike, do stopies / lock the front tire. Lock the rear, do some fast figure 8's etc.

4. Spend a few months getting comfortable ride some twisty roads with as little traffic as possible. Ride VERY carefully the idea isn't to get fast in the canyons just to get comfortable with the bike.

5. Do a track day. Start slow and careful be smooth and then push yourself more and more each session. When you get to the last session you have nothing to loose. Go out in your last session and ride like your balls are on fire (stay smooth though) If your crash in the last session you found the limit.

After a couple tack days go to your local race org and take their New Racer School and start racing! For southern CA I recommend WSMC.

Yes you will probably never go pro, let alone to motoGP however that doesn't mean you can't race a GP bike!

I race a RS 125 honda GP bike, it's quite cheap to race. One of the biggest racing expenses is tires but the lighter the bike the longer the tires last. I average about $400 / race weekend costs. That's gas to get to the track occasional hotel, entry fee, gas for the bike, tires, pistons etc. I track all my costs.

A EX500 or ninja 250 will probably be a bit cheaper to race but quite a bit slower than a 125 GP bike, mine is making 42 rwhpr and weighs 156lbs wet. Top speed is about 145.

Good Luck.
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Check out Motorcycle Safety Class Dallas. They teach everyone that has never been on a bike before to people that have been riding a million years. They don't run it like boot camp...they really want to help people ride and make them safe!!!
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