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My Shoei Multitec is pretty quiet with the shield down. A lot of it depends on the bike as well, some windshields and seating positions are quieter than others. I have a steady supply of EAR plugs at work so I keep a set or two in my pocket and use them as needed.

Definately makes a difference on the freeway or on longer rides I usually ride with the shield cracked open a little as I like lots of air when I ride, latent claustrophobia and all.....
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I have not noticed a big difference from brand to brand, but I only own a few helmets. Someone mentioned Webbikeworld, definitely a good site to check detailed reviews and ratings (including on quietness).

A few people mentioned earplugs. I used to wear them religiously with my half-helmet (I have enough hearing damage from loud concerts as a teen and young adult and from target shooting). I never found them comfortable in a full-face or 3/4 helmet but I usually wore them with those helmets anyway. And then I found out that most earplugs are illegal while driving or while riding a motorcycle in MD (only custom made plugs that don't block out too much road noise are legal). So, be sure to check state and local laws where you live and where you plan to travel before buying earplugs.

Edit: Opps, I just noticed that the last post on this thread was 3 months ago, sorry for resurrecting an old thread (it was the second or third down so I didn't notice the date, I guess this subforum doesn't see much use during the winter).

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