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Default hello folks share with me

Hi guys,
Ive been debating on getting a bike for awhile now, and I think Im finally gonna do it. I'm getting my permit and training classes start soon. My biggest question though: how do I know what type of bike is right for me?? i am 5'10" tall and 25 years old.

Thanks in advance!
jugar bob esponja
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Welcome to the site!

Pack a lunch, and look for the 'New Riders' thread.

When you get through that, you'll have a much better basis for your search.
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Get a copy of Proficient Motorcycling by David Hough. Its not an answer to the question but it will give you information to ask the right questions. Not that you are asking the wrong question now.

My short answer is simply whatever bike will be most forgiving to mistakes new riders make.
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Welcome!i am the nerer
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Welcome! I am the Phalderot!
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Welcome! Buzglyd is the Vousy Strniště Pán!
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You're all a bunch of kagalkopfs.
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