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Default Had some questions about bike "styles"

Hello, I just got through the MSF training and have my Class M. I already have a good idea of the type of bike I want but I wanted to check a few things before I went and bought one. I like the modern look of some of the sport bikes but I prefer the seating position of the cruiser. In some commercials/videos I've seen "sporty" bikes that you can sit upright on, but I'm having a hard time finding these types of bikes and haven't really found a "name" for them aside from "sport". The closest I've found is this suzuki Suzuki Cycles - Product Lines - Cycles - Products - GS500F - 2009 - GS500F

I was wondering if there were any other common models to look for, preferably at a lower engine size than the 1200 cc sport touring bikes I keep finding. Thanks.
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The older Suzuki SV650S looks a lot like the new 'baby bandit.'

The Triumph Daytona also. But that is a rocket, and perhaps a bit too 'lively' for a new rider.

The Kawasaki Ninja comes in smaller engine sizes as well.

As you've read elsewhere (I hope), you'll want to buy a gently used bike to start on.

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There are sportbikes, supersports, GT, sport touring, sport standards and standards that try to look like sportbikes.

The Kawi EX250 is a standard that is fairly comfortable bike designed to look like a sportbike to increase sales. One thing to look for is if the bike has actual handlebars or clip-ons.

Look at the FZ6. A nice sporty looking bike with a realistic upright riding position. Its a sport standard.

I can't stand the cruiser riding position because of the foot forward controls and the poor posture it forces on the rider. I never used my cruisers for long rides or commuting. My 3 standards get most of the use.

Good for you for asking a great question and taking a class first!
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The new 2012 VStrom 650 ABS is a very sporty-looking bike. Its got a sportbike frame, the SV650/Gladius engine, good ergonomics, and a lot of features for $8k. They even fixed the buffeting problem!
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