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Sorry, long weekend...

Gear for the vertically enhanced is tough. I recently bought some Olympia mesh gear off Revzilla that their 4x jacket and largest pants barely fit and I could still have a 3 inch cuff added to the pant legs (Olympia has a 6" hem-able cuff on their pants, only wish it was 9" [Insert witty pun here]). First Gear made a couple "tall" jackets that the sleeves were long enough for me (I also have an older Kilimanjaro 3/4 jacket)

Boots tend to top out at 14.5 or 50 euro, I just ordered a pair of alpine stars that fit my 15's. So I finally retired my steel toed redwings that I have ridden in for decades.

I'm 6'6 with a 36 inseam. Highly recommended and equally pricey would be a custom suit from Aerostich. You can mod their basic suits any way you want and you'll be left with one of the best street suites that actually fits. (Aerostich/RiderWearHouse Motorcycle Jackets, Suits, Clothing, & Gear :: Aerostich/RiderWearHouse Motorcycle Jackets, Suits, Clothing, & Gear) A roadcrafter or Darien with the legs and arms lengthened should do you fine.

If your planning on another brand, get a 3/4 jacket, as long torso's are covered better vs the shorter cut of a normal street jacket which on you may be near your navel.

As for bikes the dual sports will be your friend. A 650 thumper is not equal to a 600 ss. So a KLR 650 is a great bike to start on, as it has about 30hp, vs over 100 on a 600 ss. When your ready to move up check out triumph tigers, ducati multistrada's (if you can find a 620 Multi, that would be a nice starter), BMW GS's and other adventure bikes.

Forward controls and long legs dont mix, your knees will be in the bars. Only 2 cruisers Ive ever fit on, and you dont want to start on them, triumph rocket III, Honda Valkyrie. Any other Harley or clone with forward controls only sent my knees skyward. Though forward controls and a set of ape hangers may work, but not my thang...

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If you can find an older GS 1100 or 1150 they're about as bullet proof as you can get. You can get adjustable seats and pegs for them, a dozen different styles of crash bars and they'll hold up or be rebuild-able for as long as you want to ride it.

I have Touratech adjustable desert style pegs on mine, the bars raised an inch or so and a custom built seat that scoots me back and down an inch or two. The bike fits me like a glove and is as versatile as you can get. Granted a new 1200 like mine is steep for a first bike but they've been making them, and the aftermarket has been supporting them since the early 80's so there are a lot of them around on the used market.

As for riding gear, the local work and outdoor wear store usually has larger sizes of things like double front Carharts and work boots. not specifically riding gear but it'll definitely work.
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When you call about a MSF class ask if they have a dual-purpose bike for you. I try to have one at each place I teach for tall riders.

I suggest you stop into some dealerships and find some bikes with center stands and ask them to put the bike up on it so you can sit on them in the riding position and move the handlebars around to make sure you dont hit your knees.
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Originally Posted by Squid Killer View Post
I suggest you stop into some dealerships and find some bikes with center stands and ask them to put the bike up on it so you can sit on them in the riding position and move the handlebars around to make sure you dont hit your knees.
What is this "centerstand" thingie of which you speak? That sounds like something a moto-manufacturer would leave off a bike nowadays.....
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There's a difference between "can i get on this toy and operate it" and "comfortable". Pretty much anyone can get on a standard 250. It might not be comfy, but you can ride it.

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