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Default helmet

My full face helmet is becoming a pain in the neck. I love it but it can get pretty stuffy especially in 105 degree weather. I wanted to buy a 3/4/open face but I'm wondering if this is a problem with street bikes. Whenever I browse helmets, I see that full face seem to be more common among street bikes.
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Get what works for you. Wearing a 3/4 helmet is better (protection) than not wearing a helmet at all. However, a well-vented full face might do the trick, too.

By the way, I wear a full face when riding my cruiser. Full gear, too. But I'd rather be "safe" than fashionable.

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Keep in mind "full-face" helmets didn't even exist until the late '60's. The Bell Star was the first, and I used to hear stuff like "you lose peripheral vision," "can't hear anything" etc. when I started wearing one.

Then again, we had a local cop in town everybody called "Panface" because he'd crashed his cop bike and slid down the road face first.

If you go to a 3/4, it'll work fine with a snap-on shield, but you will get a lot of turbulence compared to the full-face at speed.
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Have you tried running with the shield "cracked" open one notch?

Also, you're absolutely certain you've got all the vents open, right?

Some helmets are just not vented well. Consider that you've essentially got a beer-cooler on top of your head, that foam is a pretty good insulator.

If it gets too noisy, try wearing earplugs. A box of 100 disposable plugs runs about $25 nowadays. Custom-molded plugs run around $70-$90.
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I've been wearing my 3/4 Shoei for the last few days while I'm waiting for my new flipper to arrive. In my opinion the 3/4 totally blows for anything other than around town, granted I don't have a face shield on it but I don't know if even that would make a significant difference. I used to wear only 3/4 back when I started riding and thought the Bell Stars would never catch on. Now after riding with a variety of full face helmets over the years my opinion has done a 180.

Technically the biggest difference is the noise obviously, and also the buffeting and turbulence as well as the amazing amount of grit and crud that hit's you at freeway speeds. A well designed F/F helmet will smooth the airflow over your bean and mitigate a lot of that while still giving some ventilation.
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My visor is up anytime under 50mph and I leave it cracked when it is down. Having pulled a "Panface" in my youth I am very thankful the scars faded and have no desire to revisit that period in my life.
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Wow, I will stick with my full face.
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I have a 3/4 Scorpion, you can wear the visor or the faceshield, (not both), which is retractable & a very good design, I often forget when I have it on & down because the optics are great & the edges are out of sight. I usually run the visor in the warmer months.
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Stick with the full face and just find a better model. I wear one and commute in much hotter weather. I would never ride in anything less.
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