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The liner system in the helmet you wore in class may be different from the one you're shopping for, though the same brand.
I have a Scorpion & am happy with it. Right after I got it they started with the integrated sunglasses, I wish mine had it. My next helmet(s) will likely be modulars with bluetooth.
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If the hat doesn't quite fit, some brands have different cheek pads that you can buy. Arai, for instance offers several thicknesses of both cheek pads and liners for their models.

If that's not an option, you may be able to 'tighten up' a loose helmet with some carefully executed insertion of padding behind the cheek pads.
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i think i'm going with the large, after trying on some mediums i think there is just a little too much pressure on the top of my head that might create headaches in the future.
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