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Default Motorcycle in Vegas?

Ok, so im debating on getting a motorcycle, first I don't know what kind of bike to get. Im paying for it myself so something cost effective is great both gas mileage and price.

Now first im 6'6" so I don't know a good bike for my size. I want to stay away from the loud Harley's.

Second I live in Las Vegas so it's usually hot, now i'm very use to the heat but a leather outfit would be hell, anything that can keep me cool and safe?

Finally, Driving in Vegas, good idea? i read all this "driving in the rain" talk about how less rain can be bad when it DOES rain. This would be my only mode of transport. No go?

Please give me your ideas, i would very much appreciate it =D
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Harleys arent loud at the dealership, they are loud after the exhaust is modded or replaced by someone who is convinced that is safer then wearing a helmet.
You'll have to try on a few bikes for size & see what you feel comfortable on, also check insurance rates before commiting to buy anything. Look into balistic nylon & mesh riding gear, good stuff light weight, often better water resistance then leather & breathable.
Rain riding isn't for newbees, at the start of rain, the water lifts the oil from the cracks & crevices & raises it to the surface making it quite slick. If you occasionally spin wheels in a car, that likely would've been a fishtail on a bike & depending on your reaction & ability to comtrol that smoothly may result in rider becoming intimate with the asphalt.
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Kawasaki KLR650 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Your height will limit your selection, the KLR 650 makes a good starting bike being a single cylinder and all. On top of that its rather tall so you can actually get on it and it will come up beyond your knees.
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Originally Posted by cmwells90 View Post
This would be my only mode of transport. No go?
Maybe....probably.......you need to have an alternative and if it is too far to use a cab and there aren't any busses and you have no friends who work where you do and live in the same area.............

There are hazzards other than rain. In your area, it could be a sand storm.

What's your "mode of transport" now? Why would you not keep that ??

There are lots of threads on here already about "what should I get for a first bike". Have a look at them, please.
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To second what Star Ride said, Harley's aren't inherently loud, but due to your height you won't find the cheaper ones comfortable. The Sportsters & Dynas have a neutral foot position that you probably won't like. The softails & heritage are feet forward but pricey; especially for a first bike.

Try sitting on Dual Sport, Sport Touring or Crossover class of bikes. These all tend to have a higher seat height and more relaxed riding position.

As far as gear, Star Ride was spot on again. I ride in Miami and wear a textile mesh riding jacket. It has padding in the critical points but lets the air flow freely.

Finally, about riding in Vegas ... I rode in NM for a few years. The occasional rain wasn't really the issue. What you really need to watch out for is sand drifts accross the road and cross winds. Both will knock you off the bike before you know what happened, but taking the time to learn good riding skills will keep the rubber side down. Also, as you already know, the roads are always slick from a light dusting of sand. Just keep that in mind while riding and always give yourself enough room to safely perform a manuever ... You should be fine.

Final note: A first bike should always be used and below 750cc.
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Take the MSF Beginning Rider Course. And check out the following link: Motorcycle Cooling Vests - webBikeWorld

Here's a page with hot-weather riding tips: Hot Weather Riding Tips
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Get a 650 dual sport like the KLR and ride the wheels off of it. You have desert roads all over that you can explore with it also. Buy some Mesh gear so your covered but as cool as you can be in the heat. I just bought the Olympia Moab jacket, though it arrived last night I havent tested. But it did vent big time just walking out in my back yard in the wind. The KLR offers a tail bag that holds quit a bit of stuff, then with soft saddle bags you can pack quite a bit around if its your only set of wheels. Pick up a decent low mileage used one for about $3k and you'll get about 50+ mpg.
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